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Wild Idea Buffalo Blog

April 21, 2018

Earth Day - Forty-Seven Years Later

I remember the first Earth Day. It was such a wonderful idea, everyone pitches in to adjust the trajectory of mankind’s relationship to Earth and we wouldn’t have to face the destruction of our home. In those days most of us were thinking about recycling pop bottles, putting out bird feeders, stopping the dumping raw of sewage into our waterways, and picking up hamburger wrappers that were routinely slung out of the windows of really fast cars that got about eight miles to the gallon.

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April 13, 2018

2018 Latest Arrivals

This past week our first calves arrived on the Cheyenne River Ranch! It is always such an exciting time. A time that is full of hope and possibilities, making one believe that our mission of prairie regeneration can continue to grow.

New Buffalo Calf

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April 06, 2018

The Endless Prairie Wind

Now we move into spring. Both the Ides of March and the Vernal Equinox have passed. Dawn comes a little earlier each morning; the sun eases itself little-by-little northward in the eastern sunrise sky. The prairie winds blow and whistle and sometimes howl. But, if you are going to live on the prairie, you will live with the winds.
Prairie Sunrise
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March 30, 2018

Signs of Spring

Although winter has held us in it's clutches for far too long, spring is starting to show itself. Here are a few photos of March on the ranch.
Sharp-tailed Grouse
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March 29, 2018

An Interview With Jill O'Brien

Jill's interview with Laya Williams of  The Body Breakthrough is now available to
listen to (without signing up). So, pour yourself a drink and tune in to learn more about Wild Idea Buffalo Company. Jill shares some fun anecdotes about the early days of the company and insights in how it operates today. Listen for the coupon code entitling you to a free gift with your next order!  Cheers!

Jill O'Brien

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March 21, 2018

Dirt Cheap?

Like many of you, over the last month I’ve been salivating over the perfect images of fruits and vegetables in the seed catalogs that I’ve retrieved from the mailbox and have started to dream about “this year's” garden. “Last year's” garden had to be downsized for a variety of reasons. I planted half a dozen cherry tomato plants and a few varieties of herbs. This seemed manageable and I thought for certain I'd have the time to care for them—but I was wrong.

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March 02, 2018

In Solidarity With Parkland, Florida

Like a lot of Americans, I have been paying close attention to the kids who survived the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. It’s very unlikely that I will ever experience anything like what those kids have gone through. But when I watch their faces as they stand up and speak truth to the legislators who hold the power and responsibility to see that our schools are safe and about the need for society to do something to protect them, I see something in their postures and in their eyes that is vaguely familiar.
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February 23, 2018

Buffalo Winter

The prairie winter continues. Here are a few winter Buffalo images, along with other photos on the ranch.

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February 09, 2018

A Buffalo Love Story

A few years back, when we moved our buffalo to their winter pasture on the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands, we left seven behind. They consisted of: a crippled-up older cow with her calf, (who had been keeping to the outskirts of the herd to stay out of harms way), a young bull (about 2½ years old) which we guessed as the cow's older offspring, three older bulls who had separated themselves from the main herd as they often do after the breeding season, and a motherless cow, which at the time seemed a bit odd.

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January 24, 2018

A Man's Mission

In a recent blog post I characterized “the hot air emanating from Washington DC” as more dangerous than the smoke from California’s devastating forest fires. (I was talking about some of the tragic proclamations coming from the White House, not the comedy of the even more recent government shutdown.) Because Wild Idea Buffalo Company is first and foremost a conservation minded company, I was, of course, referring to the United States’ abandonment of the Pairs Climate Accords, the opening of our public lands to the extraction industries, and the reduction in size of protected lands across the west.

Dan O'Brien

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