Our Food Our Future

Today is World Food Day and this year's theme is Our Actions are our Future. Putting an emphasis on “The food you choose and the way you consume it affects our health and that of our planet.”

Traditional Native American Buffalo Harvests

A couple of weeks ago, traditional Native American Buffalo Harvests took place on Wild Idea Buffalo Company producers ranches. It was a wonderful experience and day for all. We are honored to be a part of our area Native American communities and to work alongside them, learning and growing, and building bridges together through the American Buffalo. 

This & That

The seasonal change always has everyone on the move, adjusting to the new fall schedules. Here's what the family behind Wild Idea has been up to. 

A Labor of Love

Flash forward twenty years and now Jilian, along with Colton are teaching their own boys about eating sustainably and knowing where food comes from and how it's raised. Of course there has always been the buffalo meat and Colton is an avid hunter & fisherman, but Jilian insisted that eating clean would carry through to all of the food they consumed. Once she new there would be children they ramped it up even further.   

September Monthly Special

Let food be they medicine... As the season starts to shift, so do we. With busy schedules, back to school and back to this & that, including the uprise in new COVID Delta cases, it's even more important to keep our health in good check.

Photo Collection

For me, taking photos is another way to tell our story and to connect the wildlife and landscape with our food supply. Sometimes they can be beautiful too. I hope you enjoy this new collection of random images. 

Moving Buffalo For Rotational Grazing

Tuesday, August 10th, 6:00pm, outside temperature 98°. This summer has been hot and dry. The smokey haziness from afar fires have found their way into the skyline and crevices of the ranch giving many morning outlooks a doomsday feel and camouflaging the sweet aroma of the grass and sunshine.

Surrounded By Buffalo Guests

My studio is tucked into the hillside of a thousand acre pasture, without a fence around it. Over the last two weeks the buffalo have paid me several visits. I've been videoing some of my experiences that I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. And... no, it never gets old.

Erney 1940–2021

Erney Hersman is dead and the world is now a darker place. The call came in earlier this month, the ringing penetrating my dreams at four o’clock in the morning, and I waited a beat before I picked up the receiver. It was the night nurse at the rest home where Erney had been for over a year. “It was another stroke,” she said. “He passed peacefully”.

Our Name, Our Brand

We are delighted to introduce our new logo, and we also have a new website, with updated information and we hope, a more user-friendly shopping experience for you. 

Unbroken Ground

In this short film by Patagonia Provisions, learn more about the important practice of regenerative ranching and farming.

Our Positive Environmental Impact

At Wild Idea Buffalo Company, everyday is world environment day. Our mission is to "Regenerate the prairies while improving our environment and food supply by bringing back the buffalo". The family that started this whole "wild idea" explains the how and the why in this brief video. We hope you give it a watch.
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