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February 03, 2014


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At a recent bison conference, the topic of GMO’s came up. The biggest concern was the potential, future requirement for GMO transparency on product labels. This includes meat labels from animals fed GMO grains. The reason this was such a big deal to this particular audience, is that 90% of the bison raised for food are raised in the cattle feedlot model, consuming an unnatural diet in confinement for the last 90+ days of their lives. Most of these feeds are GMO.

The conversation continued with people shouting out sarcastic remarks, such as, “What’s a GMO going to do to me anyway? Is it going to turn me into something bad if I eat it?” This was not the time or place to be controversial, for the most part we were amongst good, hard working folks, who were just thinking in the short term.

As I listened to the GMO conversation, I thought it funny that the acronym reversed was OMG! I also thought about the hazmat suits worn, or full cover recommended when using chemicals. If we are advised to not get any of the toxic poisons on us, why would we want to ingest them? I wondered if the man talking would like to try it...

Seriously, the ramifications of pesticide, herbicide, and drought resistant genetically modified organisms are devastating. Studies continue to prove that the use of herbicides and pesticides on crops are directly related to specie diversity loss, compromised water quality, and risks to human health. Add drought resistance to this mix, and we accelerate the plow up of more prairie and desert ecosystems. In short, GMO’s are bad for the environment and we CAN grow food without them.

At Wild Idea Buffalo Company we are always looking at the long-term effects, and do our best to operate sustainably, working with nature, instead of against it. We promise to continue to produce a healthy, delicious, non-GMO meat alternative, for you and your families. If you are interested in more information on GMO’s, there are several studies and stories available on line. Here’s a few links that I found interesting, GMO farmer won't eat his own crops, GMO Facts, and 10 Reasons to Avoid GMOs .

Avoiding GMO foods takes a little more effort, but most groceries now offer organic, or non-GMO certified products.The best way though is to know your farmer or rancher. Our web-site offers a lot of information on our ranching practices, but please feel free to call or e-mail us if you have further questions.



Mark Holloway

July 30, 2016

Great work everyone, keep it up!!

thomas garrison

July 30, 2016

Great article, good to know.. I suspected, but now I know for sure.

Thank you,


Bob Mahoney

July 30, 2016

There is also an on going research project about the devastating effects of pesticides and herbicides is having not only to our wildlife ,bison included , but cattle as well. this study deals with under-slung lower jaws, misaligned reproductive organs in males of the species and mal shaped heads . This study is being done by a researcher up in MT and I have some of the photographs and articles that she e-mailed me if interested.

Katita King

July 30, 2016

I am relieved and happy that people are brave enough to stand out and speak about these horrible practices.

Angela Anderson

July 30, 2016

There is a film by the same name GMO,OMG, a father on a quest for GMO free food for his children.
Although Congress passed legislation S 764 that will not be mandatory to label and drag out the issue of labeling for more years I believe change is in the air.
Dannon announced that their feed for dairy cows will be non-GMO within three years? And Del Monte, Campbell’s, Hershey’s, Post, General Mills, Red Gold, Applegate, and others have made similar non-GMO commitments? They are scrambling to get the non-GMO sales advantage before their competitors. The flood gates are opening.
I think Wild idea is on the forefront in every aspect, and has been since its inception, managing native grasslands while raising and processing bison ‘umweltgerecht’
thank you

Pat Wood

July 30, 2016

Thanks for the thoughtful – yet discouraging – article. I am most discouraged that several well known scientists Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye are now “poo-pooing” anyone who is fighting against the use of GMO’s. These scientists are well known and well respected and when they show up on popular TV, their words have as much impact with the public as Monsanto’s propaganda does with farmers When we had our farm in Minnesota, I was shocked at how effective Monsanto-et al. were (and are) in controlling ALL information that reaches farmers. Somehow GMO use needs to become a “human” issue and talked about as such -—— using the language of environmentalists/biologists is tantamount to the devil’sl words among farmers….we have a lot of work to do to change this perception.

Kelly Brooks

July 30, 2016

Great article! Glad to know you are aware of the insanity called ‘Genetically Modified Organisms’. Unfortunately there seems to be less and less businesses you can trust to be conscious and aware, even businesses that are supposed to be in the health and organic industry,(Whole Foods in bed with Monsanto, look it up,really scary!) So thanks I really appreciate your awareness that we are what we eat :) – Kelly


July 30, 2016

I am ever so glad you folks are around and do what it is you do to preserve the land and the wild animals – and I so appreciate the naturally raised and humanely harvested bison you provide for our sustenance. Thank you! We need more of you.

Bill Day

July 30, 2016

Dan, from the North Georgia Mountains. You stated in your piece: “full cover recommended when using chemicals. If we are advised to not get any of the toxic poisons on us, why would we want to ingest them?” That is simple enough for me. Good piece of work.


Shannon Reeves

July 30, 2016

I cannot thank you enough for providing clean, real food for our families. The largest percentage of companies have lost their ethics and put profit first by cutting corners and treating animals Inhumanely. You are to be commended & I want you to know you have a customer for life!
Thank you for all the extra work & care it takes to go the extra mile.


July 30, 2016

It’s quite convenient that this post and all of the links you shared keep referring to studies about GMO’s but yet never provide links to thosee studies.

Also, you should know that many plants that humans and other animals consume produce toxins. Even though they produce toxins, genes are actually quite smart. Even though the same genes are present in every single cell in the plant, they are selectively expressed thanks to ribosomes, promoter sequences, proteins just to name a few. This is no different than say the Bt corn plant where the Bt toxin is expressed in the parts of the plant that we do not eat.

Finally, I would like to point out that it is quite easy for you to say that “we CAN grow food without them,” you are a farmer who has the luxuries of modern technologies and techniques if you so choose as well as the options of financial support from the government as well as financial institutions. You don’t think that farmers in other countries couldn’t benefit from bt corn to prevent their crop being destroyed by corn borers just because you don’t need it? Or what about growing rice that is genetically modified to produce beta-carotene in areas where the population does not have access to such vitamins. It is easy for us to look at our privileged lives and say that we do not need GMOs but we do not think of the long term or the effect it has on the rest of the world.

Here are some links with powerful points and facts on GMOs.

My father recently found your website and farm after a long search for 100% grass fed bison and he has since turned me onto your bison as well. I enjoy your bison and agree with your practices but I do not believe that sustainable agriculture and non-GMO have to be synonymous and I definitely don’t believe the way of achieving sustainability is disinformation which it seems has been a cornerstone of the non-GMO debate.

I am not advocating for you to use GMOs, I am just advocating that you reconsider reviewing sources and how you approach the conversation in order to promote knowledge and prosperity.

Thank you,

Patrick Sweatt

July 30, 2016


I’ve enjoyed your book and your newsletters from the ranch but am sad to see you making this argument against GE crops. There are plenty of reasons to be concerned: the patenting of living organisms, the preponderance of heavy cropping in already degraded landscapes and larger concerns about pesticide stewardship but the sources you have cited and the logic you are using is not based on scientific inquiry. Blanket statements like ‘GMOs are bad for the environment’ are lazy and irresponsible- many of the issues you have lain at the feet of farming with GE can be more widely directed at industrial farming, whether conventional OR organic. As a public figure and a spokesperson for the industry you have an obligation to address this issue with more than anecdotes and cherry-picked statistics.


Michael Garrett

July 30, 2016

Thank you for the information and your great products.

Jill O'Brien

July 30, 2016

Dear Patrick & Hamilton.

Thank you for your comments as there are always two or more sides to every story. Also, the story was written by me,
Jill, and you have my apologies for it not being scientific enough. For that reason I did recommend links that offered more detailed information.

Almost 70% of our agriculture grown in the USA, is grown to feed animals in confinement, which is simply not sustainable. This affects not only our privileged lives – but ALL lives. There are many scientific studies on this as well.

I will be sure to check out the link you provided.

Thank you both for your input and your business.

Very Best –

James Peacock

July 30, 2016

Well, this issue has certainly created a lot of controversy! I grew up on a small half section farm in southeastern SD, and my Grandfather did no believe in using pesticides or herbicides on anything we grew. Our vegetables, meat, and eggs we all natural, wholesome and healthy. That was 60 years ago, and I am supportive on all of the local farmers that are growing their vegetables and livestock in the certified organic method. We are members of the Sioux Falls coop and they source as much of their products as possible from these local organic producers. We do our shopping there as well as the farmers market, and we are thankful that we have that choice. Wild Idea Buffalo is our source of red meat protein that we know is safe and healthy for us, our children and grandchildren – besides it tastes darn good!

My feeling about large corporate agricultural entities is that greed and denial are what drives their blindness to what the practices they use are poisoning the land and the people that consume their products! These same corporations are the ones that deny that global warming is real! They should take a trip to the Alaskan glacier fields and see the effects of the rapid decline of this beautiful and essential ecosystem. Then look at EROS and Space station pictures of the islands that are disappearing due to rising sea levels. Scientists and environmental experts have proven beyond a doubt that all of these warning signs point to our ever rising use of fossil fuels is poisoning mother earth. We all have an obligation to work together to solve this problem and failure to do so will have dire consequences for our lives and those of generations to come.

All Business

July 30, 2016

I will always support organic farming and ranching. I’ve purchased from Wild Idea since 2000 and have always been impressed with your practices, philosophies and ethics. Thank you for offering CLEAN food.


July 30, 2016

I love your food & I trust your food ……
Thank you!

Linda Bickford

July 31, 2016

My husband, who buys and eats things I don’t, has been troubled with body-wide itching for months that the dermatolgoist can’t figure out. My uncle, a retirned doctor, says that GMOs in his food is the most likely reason. Thank you for providing us with safe, delicious meat!

Patrick Pettit

July 31, 2016

Lawyer and author Steven Druker ,was the recipient of the first FOIA request for FDA paperwork about regulatory approval of GMO products Monsanto wanted to monopolize ! His book is the definitive account about the greed and corruption that unleashed the tainted science on the public domain ! It’s called. " Altered Genes , Twisted Truth" ,and is available thru Amazon , in paperback,and e-book formats .

Greg Rupert

July 31, 2016

Thank you for addressing this critical issue. As a healthcare professional I can tell you GMO’s effect your health long term. It’s not rocket science as you discuss in your blog. Thank you for provide the best clean bison available on the market.

Roxanne Fox

July 31, 2016

Thank you for what you do. I have done much personal researching, reading the articles, study results of both pro GMO and con GMO, for my own health. I advise people to do this themselves, then make an educated decision for themselves. I buy with my own money for my own best health. Wild Idea Bison meat is what I believe to be the best way, done respectfully of the environment and for the sustainability of a natural alternative to GMOs. My health thanks you, my peace of mind thanks you.

John Henry

August 01, 2016

All one needs to do is search on reputable websites at how the GMO industry’s tentacles are wrapped in the countless government agencies. With big pharma encased in government policy, the consumer has been dealt a demoralizing hand. Live with these unnatural remedies of altered food products or educate oneself and others to spread the word that we have to stand up against bad policy.

The mighty dollar is my vote. And I vote whenever & wherever I can for a non-GMO product on my food table.


August 02, 2016

I only eat organic GMOs. : )


August 03, 2016

Thanks for another nice read. Also, you might want to put a LinkedIn quick share link in your listing. I was able to paste across the article but a faster link would be nice. It’s also likely well targeted to your demographic audience. Regards, -Ted

Steve Sewell

August 10, 2016

While I certainly agree with you about pesticides and herbicides, keep in mind that all organisms on earth are GMOs. Over time, organisms evolve by modifying their genetics to produce the best survival outcome for that species. In a changing climate, plants, and animals, often become drought resistant on their own, or become resistant to a chemicals, whether natural or man made. The plant and animal worlds are rife with organisms that have evolved their genetics in response to environmental changes. Yes, manipulation in the lab is quicker, but the process is the same. It is the use, or misuse of man made chemicals that are the problem, not improvements to food crops by hastening evolution.

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