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January 28, 2016


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For us, the attraction to the Great Plains was love at first sight. The prairie landscape and all of it’s inhabitants give us so much, and as everyone knows, love is a two way street. Although our efforts sometime feel puny in the face of prairie loss, we are passionate in our fight to preserve them. We hope you enjoy the photos and feel the love too.





January 29, 2016

Hello Jill Dan and the Wild Idea crew! I’m a French fan of Dan’s writing, and of the landscapes of the west of the United States. When I’m bored at my office in Geneva, I visit the ranch website and your blog and pictures make me so dreamy. Thanks for sharing your passion for this amazing environment, I hope to visit South Dakota one day.


Mark Holloway

February 13, 2016

Beautiful Pictures, that’s America!

John Ziskowski

February 13, 2016

One of the photos is of a herd of wild mustangs….are they present on your ranch?


February 13, 2016

I enjoyed the lovely photos, as always. The album portrays a love of and commitment to the area, very well. It’s a fitting love story, for Valentine’s Day.


February 13, 2016

The photos give me peace inside. Makes the tired go away. Thank you Jill and Dan for the beautiful scenery cards of free roaming buffalo that come with my shipments . They’re on my fridge for all to see and enjoy. Blessings to all.


February 13, 2016

Love your neck of the woods(from April-August ) as a native of SD if the temperature dips to 50 degrees I look for a sweater!
I love the pics and your narrative….gosh a Ribeye sounds good.

George Terhune

February 13, 2016

Viewing the pictures of these magnificent creatures almost makes me feel guilty about enjoying the tenderloin filet that I grilled last night. The texture and flavor were outstanding. Better than any beef filet I have had. So, to assist you in your plan to preserve a beautiful landscape I will overcome my guilt and continue to enjoy the bounty of the land. Keep up the good work and be proud of what you have accomplished.

Bill Earls

February 13, 2016

Many thanks for this series of photographs. The ranch looks like a fine place to live and work. And congratulations, too, on the recent mention – a very serious mention – of you and what you’re doing in The New York Times Food section. Looked at the headline and thought instantly, “Did they think to interview Dan O’Brien?” and was most pleased to find how much they did. Looked at the photos of you both and thought, “I know them.” (Well, one of you anyway.) Keep doing what you’re doing.
Bill Earls

Linda Forbes

February 13, 2016

Hi Jill and Dan, Love the photos and of course, love the meat !!! So glad we were placed next to you at Chez Pannise otherwise we may never have known about this great product !! Also love looking at the photos – the land there is so very different than here in Alaska.
Happy Valentines day to you both as well,


February 13, 2016

Nothing will ever compare to the experience of being part of moving the buffalo Dan made possible for me in the fall of 2006. The animals, the magnificent prairie and your dreams were so inspirational. I’m so very happy Wild Idea is such a force for consciousness in this upside down world

Kenneth honaker

February 13, 2016

First of all thanks for everything you the pictures and the meat is very very great tasting.

Judie Maxfield

February 13, 2016

Thanks for the wonderful Valentine pictures. We love your buffalo and enjoy all your commentaries on your life on the Plains. We hope someday to visit you and see these majestic creatures for ourselves. (We will have to find a train that will take us to South Dakota.) Thanks again for all your efforts to preserve the Plains. Judie & Charlie

Rebecca Hanson

February 14, 2016

(Yes, Mr Terhune, I resonate).

Touching photos! These beautiful animals sacrifice their lives for our health. Circle of Life. They live the way they were meant to, free and eating what they find upon the earth, and they die in a humane way I am sure. This is what early Native Americans did too….Kill quickly…Eat all you kill… Don’t waste…Honor what you are given by the land.

The only difference is that Wild Idea is doing all the work for us, and we in turn share our own bounty of our slowly-earned money. I gladly do it. I am so grateful for the ethical way, and earth-honoring way that Wild Idea gives us our healthy natural great-tasting protein.

Linda Nelson

February 15, 2016

Thanks so much for the pictures. The prairie and oak savannah landscape are in my heart. I love the ecosystem work you are doing and your recognition that this is about relationship and love. That is why we buy your bison. We are working to regenerate 62 acres in SE MN, tall grass here. We have counted over 120 species of plants to date. This fall, we had about 200 bobolinks stage before their migration to Brazil.The Land community shows up. We are missing the large browser in our system. Thank you, thank you for your work and hearts.

Jill O'Brien

February 23, 2016

Thank you all for your comments. John Z. – To answer your question, there is a herd of wild horses on the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands, that occasionally we get a glimpse of from our ranch. This past summer I was able to get a few photos. It was an incredible experience! Thanks again!

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