Celebrating Spring with Grandson Lincoln

This past week my grandson Lincoln and I happened to notice the buffalo grazing and watering down by the river. He loves buffalo, and when I asked him if he wanted to go and see them his 21 month old legs took off running for his coat. 

Buffalo Herd 

We approached the herd very slowly and occasionally called out "Come Buffers, Come Buffers", while drumming the side of the vehicle.

Wild Idea Buffalo Co. Ranch

Lincoln caught on quickly and once we were stopped he started tapping the 4-wheeler and softly muttered "Buffah, Buffah". 

Cheyenne River Buffalo Ranch

The buffalo circled around us and we listened to their soft grunts and spoke back to them in the same manner. Lincoln watched them closely and occasionally let out squeals of joy!

Buffalo Herd

We noticed the expecting mother buffalo, heavy with their calves. 

Buffalo Cow

Even with their extra weight they looked content (How do they do that?).

Mother Buffalo's

Lincoln only lost his focus when I left the vehicle, which he then thought gave him the go-ahead to be the driver! (Emergency brake was fully engaged and I was within feet.)

Cheyenne River Ranch

He pursed his lips together and made his best tractor/vehicle noise.

Buffalo Mother & Calf

We stayed for a couple of hours, until the last of the buffalo were ready to cross.

Cheyenne River Ranch

We said our goodbyes and thanked the buffalo for allowing us to be among them. I tucked Lincoln close to me and we buckled up and headed back to the house. His eyes were shut within minutes. I relished in his warmth as we slowly made our way home. 

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  • TO BECKY REGARDING GOOD BUFFALO PHOTO- Custer State Park is the best I have ever seen, no crowds to speak of, and herds just crossing the road.
    You can also take an off road tour and get close enough to smell them!!!

    Re Buffalo Wings………I had my credit card out and just asked my wife how much we should order……..she took my credit card away from me!!!!

    Enjoy Spring.

    Mike Broder
  • I stop by every summer to get buffalo meat and bring back down to Louisiana. I was born and raised up there and come back every summer. My question is do you let people photograph the buffalo? I have been trying to get a good picture of a buffalo, but just can’t seem to get what I want. When I saw these pictures I thought If I could do something like this, I could probably get the shot that I have been looking for. Or maybe you know where I could go. Thank you and adorable little guy you have there??

  • Love the photos of the buffalo and your grandson. He is cute and his expression at seeing the buffalo is adorable.

    Debra Russell

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