A Family's Experience & Testimonial

A few years ago, Bob & Ashley became Wild Idea Buffalo customers. Ashley and their children were meat eaters, but Bob, a marathon runner and overall athlete had been a vegetarian for a few years. He had started to feel rundown and his doctor suggested adding a healthy protein back to his diet. After a little research, they found us. They would test other companies too, but as Bob stated “it just wasn’t of the same quality as Wild Idea’s”. They soon became regular-monthly customers.Wild idea Buffalo CustomersThis past summer on their family vacation to western South Dakota, they booked a tour of the ranch. On the day of their tour, the temperature reached 110°. It didn’t curb their enthusiasm or charm. Over this Thanksgiving holiday, we received the following essays and video as a thank you. As you will read and see, they were an easy group to fall in love with. What a wonderful gift!

Wild idea Buffalo Company

Wild Idea Buffalo Comapny
And please, give yourself a smile and watch the 45 second video!

Thank you, Bob, Ashley, Samantha, Abby, Bobby & Meredith for your support, wonderful essays and video!

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  • What a heartwarming testimonial! Thank you for sharing :) And thank you for all you do as a company! We LOVE Wild Idea Buffalo!

    Karinne and Mike Gordon
  • This beautiful tribute of their experience “walking among the herd” is so perfect. So well written! Expressed my feelings exactly! Many thanks to the family sharing their experience.

    Joann Wainscott
  • It’s amazing what a none corn fed animal (Buffalo 🦬) can do to your body and soul what an awesome video

    Jay Acosta Da
  • What a wonderful family!! THESE are the kids that will lead us in the future, smart, funny & insightful! Loved this!
    And of course, love the WIB ground that always fills our freezer!

    Kathy Day
    What a wonderful firsthand testimony for our future generations! Thank you for caring and sharing where your meat comes from and the impact on the prairie.

  • What an amazing video and family so cool to see this I can’t wait to come out there and take a tour

    Brenda Curwick
  • a great tribute to all you do! Would love to bring a couple of grandkids for that!

    Geoff Wheeler
  • No better testimonial. (especially Bobby’s letter)

    mardelle madsen
  • W O W !!!!!!!

    Anne Clare

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