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March 29, 2018


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An Interview With Jill O'Brien

Jill's interview with Laya Williams of  The Body Breakthrough is now available to
listen to (without signing up). So, pour yourself a drink and tune in to learn more about Wild Idea Buffalo Company. Jill shares some fun anecdotes about the early days of the company and insights in how it operates today. Listen for the coupon code entitling you to a free gift with your next order!  Cheers!


Listen Here




Penny Gray

March 29, 2018

Excellent interview, Jill. Thank you!

raymond vosilla

April 02, 2018

thank you Jill and Dan for all you do for the environment and giving people a chance to eat a healthy lifestyle.
Alan Anderson

April 27, 2018

Another outstanding presentation Jill. Thanks for talking about the carbon cycle and greenhouse gas aspects of a healthy soil. My best to Dan.

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