April Monthly Special

Meet one of our team members (and customers) Heather. Heather is on our marketing team and splits her time between Arizona (smart winter girl) and South Dakota. Like so many, she is under "stay in place" regulations with her husband and darling daughter Sam. Their natural wit (and yes they really are like that) will have you charmed and what they whip up will make you hungry!

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  • I made the most amazing Italian meatballs with a package of the
    Italian sausage, one finely chopped white onion, 2 cloves of garlic smashed and minced and 1/2 cup of pinko breadcrumbs. Mixed with freshly washed hands per COVID code, and make smallish meatballs, and then put into a cast iron skillet with some oil of choice. Brown and then cover for about 15 minutes at medium heat . Pour a can of crushed tomatoes over the top and cool. Put into the fridge for 2 days to let the flavors marry and when you are ready make noodles of your choosing while you reheat the meatballs and sauce, and there you are!
    Makes about 12 walnut sized meatballs.
    Goes great with a salad, a little bread and a nice red wine (or glass of water).

    Antoinette Hamner
  • Hi Bonnie – All you have to do for the pulled buffalo is heat and eat. Heat in a pan or microwave, or however you would like. You can find recipes for sausages here:
    Thank you!

  • How do I make the pulled Buffalo It says it’s already cooked
    Also do you have recipes for the sausage

    Bonnie Solomon

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