Baby Buffalo!

With spring's arrival comes once again, a brand-new batch of baby buffaloes!

Here's a few photos of the new golden calves with their dear mums - we hope it brightens your day! 

Bison Calf & Cow

Baby Buffalo

Buffalo Calf & CowBison Calf

New Born Bison Calf

Buffalo Calf

Bison Calf

Buffalo Calf & Cow

Buffalo Calf & Cow

Bison Calf

Bison Calf & Cow

Buffalo Calf

Photo Credit: Jill O'Brien

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  • Beautiful photos of the new babies and their mommies! Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Emil – Ear tags are required for grazing them on the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands. It is a task that requires to bring them in annually and put them in a chute that holds them safely to ear tag them.

    Michael – Buffalo cows have one calf per year.

    Bubba – Although Bison is the correct term, Buffalo is used and excepted interchangeably. There is also the Buffalo Nickel, The Buffalo Gap National Grasslands, Buffalo Bill, Buffalo SD, etc…..

  • I’ll never forget the time I was out west, when a youngster who had never seen a baby buffalo said to her mom “look at all the big red dogs“!

    Trude Wright
  • It looks like every single mother has a baby just the same age.
    They are all so incredibly cute, how could you not love them all?
    Here’s wishing you many more happy years enjoying them all every year!

    I put Dan and Jill and everyone else too in the loving arms of God.
    Love, Don

    Don Meyer
  • I love your product, but these animals, unless they are hybrids, are BISON, not buffalo and are not members of the bovine family.

  • precious!

    Angela A Anderson
  • I LOVE baby buffs

    Harold Strong
  • These are so adorable and such beautiful creatures!! ✨💜✨
    Thank you for sharing!

    Ceci Ramos
  • Good Shoot Jill👍 , little guys are looking 🤩.

    Tom Conners
  • Magnifique! Merci

    Catherine Weber
  • So cute.

    CYNTHIA Campbell
  • Enjoyed the beauty of the free roaming animals and baby buffalo just living in the prairie. GySgt USMC Family. Blessings and may you all have a safe and Happy Mothers Day.🇺🇸🗽📖

    James F Kurnik
  • They are so cute. Love it. Thanks for the pictures.

    Lori Oakes
  • Sweet is sweetness, thank you, Jill!

    Happy Mother’s Day

    Stay safe and strong

  • Beuatiful shots, thanks Jill, and Happy Mother’s Day to you, Jillian, and the other “Wild” moms out there :)

    Mark Moench

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