Ghosts of the Great Plains

The Cheyenne River Ranch is located between the Black Hills National Forest and Badlands National Park. This area was a Native stronghold. In "Ghosts of the Great Plains", Dan looks back and explains the history of our area and the Native Americans, and how we are moving forward to heal the land and rebuild relationships by bringing back the buffalo.  We hope you give this important short (30 min.) film a watch. 

This film was produced by our Wholesale Partners at "Natural Grocers". They carry our 100% grass-fed/grass-finished, humanely field harvested buffalo meat. Their stores are located throughout the United States and you can find them here

Bison in moon light

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  • I have to add that I just ordered more meat. After watching this video, I realized I can do more when it comes to supporting you—I want and NEED to do more! Now if I can only tactfully increase the pressure on my friends who have far greater financial means than I to become customers, too. Fingers crossed.

    Linda Clark
  • Dan, It occurred to me that one of the best things that might be done for the Native Americans in your area, and elsewhere, (in my opinion) is to share with them the awesome FREE academic website

    It has thousands of videos and tutorials on virtually every academic subject. It is the OFFICIAL practice site for ADVANCED PLACEMENT courses.

    It has several of the professional “entrance” exams such as Medical, Nursing, Engineering, and others. Pre-schoolers can start on the math and use it all the way through college.

    It has been a great resource for our grandchildren. It is now available in 43 languages so it can be shared with virtually everyone in the world.

    I am an unpaid, self-appointed advocate became I have seen what it can do for people, young and old.

    All that is needed is a Gmail account to access it and, again, it is TOTALLY FREE.

    You are welcome to contact me if I can be of any help in this regard.

    All the best to you and the Wild Idea family.

    Bruce Green
  • Thank you! The film was tragic, powerful, beautiful and hopeful. Well done!

    Jeff Prickett
  • A wonderful, factual and emotional work of cinematography! We came across Wild Idea by chance two years ago in a quest for good bison meat and since then have become devoted customers. In our 2018 visit to your ranch we had the good fortune to participate in a harvest and it was just as portrayed in the film – respectful and with dignity. O’Briens, Joneses, and all the WIB family, hats off and respect to you for doing it right. It’s an honor to be among those that support your operation and way of life.

    Chris and Kim
  • As Thanksgiving approaches, I am thankful for you and your family and your company. What a beautiful film.I will be forwarding this link far and wide.

    If anyone out there is looking for another inspirational story of wise and caring food production, read Kristin Kimball’s books, “A Dirty Life,” and its just published sequel, “Good Husbandry.” On a small farm in northern NY, they are raising chickens, pigs, sheep, cows (dairy and meat), and all manner of vegetables and grains to supply over 200 families with the best possible food that also nourishes the land.
    Linda Clark
  • ONE WORD AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    bob brightwell
  • Well done. A beautiful film. Thank you.

  • So well done! Visuals are spectacular. Thanks again for all you have done and the continuing promise of a better future.


    Bruce Green
  • I loved this. Dan, I just read a wonderful book, Lakota America. If you haven’t read it, I think you would love it. Thank you all for what you do! Happy Thanksgiving.

    Jane Burns
  • Fantastic film from a truly inspirational company. Thanks for all you do for the Great Plains.

    Bruce Bartholow
  • Wonderful film! Love the idea you sage yourselves and thank the buffalo. What do you do with the hides, the horns, and the hooves?

    Janis Blimling
  • What a breathtaking video. I cried every time a buffalo went down.

    Blessings on you and all our four-legged brethren.

    Thank you!

    Christy Day
  • Thank you for everything you’re doing for the earth. It’s a gift to us to purchase your products, knowing we’re simultaneously nourishing our bodies and Earth. Happy holidays to all at Wild Idea!

    Alicia D
  • Awesome film and best meat I have eaten, Thanks.

  • Incredibly job on this. Moving, sad and heart warming throughout. I’m proud to say I know you guys and support your mission!

    Brian Mutch

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