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August 31, 2018


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"How to Cook Buffalo Meat" Video Series, with Jill O'Brien

We are so happy to finally have cooking videos to share with you! In the introduction video, Jill will not only explain, but also show you where and how our buffalo are raised, so you can truly know where your Wild Idea Buffalo meat comes from. The first video is followed by two cooking videos that will make your steak grilling and pan searing a success!

We hope you enjoy these first few videos and that you will look forward to more cooking videos to come, in our continuing "How to Cook Buffalo Meat" series. 


John K

September 01, 2018

Brilliant video series. Makes me hungry. Can’t wait to see you on The Food Network!

Alan lazar

September 01, 2018

I am so angry that I did not stop at your ranch when I was in west working at Yellowstone Park!
I think the series is very good! I love bison meat
Keep it going
Chef Lazar

Alex Pociask

September 01, 2018

Great instructional video!! Now that I know how to properly prepare & cook buffalo meat, you can look for my 1st order soon! Be sure to send me an order form ASAP!!!

Kim Zarney

September 01, 2018

I’m having an amazing Wild Idea day. Your cooking videos showed up in my mailbox while I was finishing Dan’s new Great Plains Bison book. The best part of the coincidence, however, is the fact that we actually have four Wild Idea buffalo fillets resting in the kitchen waiting to be grilled for dinner this evening!


September 01, 2018

Thanks so much for the cooking tips and I will be making my first order very soon. I have ordered from a local Bison farm here in Ohio and can’t wait to compare the meats. I do love Bison and it’s hearty flavor. Loved your husbands book Buffalo For The Broken Heart.


September 02, 2018

I’m heading downstairs to the freezer to get out a couple of my WIB steaks. Your grilling tips were awesome but I’ve never pan seared a steak before and now I’m going to try. I felt like I could almost smell the aroma watching your video. Thanks for the cooking tips Jill. Your wine looked pretty delish too.

Patsy Parentice

September 02, 2018

Excellent videos!. 30 mins freeze who knew! Love your buffalo. Thank you for raising them the way you do!♡♡♡

Rita Bennett

September 02, 2018

After reading Dan’s book I couldn’t wait to try the bison from Wild Idea. I have been eating bison from a local store but I knew Wild Idea bison would be better. Wow, no comparison! Wild Idea bison is so tender, so juicy and just delicious. Im waiting for delivery of my second bundle. Thank you, Jill, for the cooking videos. Great job and I am anxious to try that freezer tip.

Joe Harvey

September 02, 2018

Awesome videos. I would love to see Dan with you in furture videos.

Chris and Kim

September 03, 2018

Great vid Jill, but I must say that you have much more patience than me! A simple seasoning on a room temp WIB steak, grill 2-3 mins each side and then foil wrap for 5 mins. That last part is the most difficult. Like I told Dan during our visit, my way around that is …I grill two steaks!!
Been a customer of WIB for almost a year now and everything we have ordered has been delicious. Thanks to you, Dan and the whole WIB crew for the respectable, sustainable ranching practice you do!

Rick Furlano

September 03, 2018

We have ordered twice already and will again in the near future. The flavor and tenderness of all the steak cuts are wonderful. Straight forward recipes and techniques are easy to follow and of course the glass of wine is a must! Keep the video’s coming.

Kay Thomas

September 03, 2018

Great videos. I just placed my fourth or fifth order in three years for your wonderful buffalo and am looking forward to trying the freezer technique on the steaks. My husband quit eating beef a number of year ago and now I make all my soups, stews, spaghetti, chili….. with ground buffalo or stew meat. We both learned that a 5 or 6 ounce steak is plenty filling as well as delicious.

Steven Schiebel

September 05, 2018

Their meats are the best. There is a difference concerning how meat is raised and prepared. If you haven’t tried the meat, ‘get with it’.

James Snipes

September 05, 2018

You should tongs to turn those steaks and not a fork

roger k bianco

September 21, 2018

looks great ! bet it even taste better!

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