In the Buff

In celebration of World Photography Day, I've put together a collection of snapshots of what I am privileged to witness when in the buffalo herd. I hope you enjoy a short little timeout in this current state of uncertain times. Peace and Buffalo Love Around. 

Bison Calf Nursing

Buffalo Watering

Bison in Wildflowers


Bison bull

Bison Kids

Bull Watering

Mushroom Cloud

Bison Bulls

 Bison Watering

Big Bulls

Grass in Cotton Candy Clouds

Bison Cow & Calf

Bull Bison & Cow Rut

Bison Rut

Double Rainbow

Bison Cow & Calf

Bison Calf

Bull & Cow Bison Rut Sunset

 Photo Credit: Jill O'Brien

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  • I have been purchasing your delicious buffalo meats for years, never disappointed and always fulfilled. Thank you for all you do and thank you for sharing with us. Jill your photography is beautiful. Wish I could be there to photograph these beautiful creatures!!!

    Darcy Eatherly
  • Beautiful photos, Jill. You have had some dramatic weather, I’d say! And it looks like the grass is not nearly as high as last year.

    Doug Donaldson
  • I am a long time purchaser of your products, and love the way you make someone in Seattle seem so connected to the Bison and the plains. Thanks for the great pictures and commentaries. A visit is on my bucket list when we can travel more freely again.

    David Schumacher
  • Are the Old Bulls that are unproductive harvested?
    If so what are the costs etc.
    If not do you know a rancher that does ?

  • Jill, these photos are stunning. Thank you for sharing these magnificent creatures with us.

    Donna Marshall Ziehm
  • I never realized that the female buffaloes had smaller horns.
    Great pictures as always, and enjoyed the shot of you taking picture too!
    I put you and Dan and all your dear ones in the arms of God.
    Love, Don

    Don Meyer
  • speed sheep and bison-good eatin’


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