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July 01, 2020


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July Monthly Special

Meet Jared & Olivia, who became familiar with Wild Idea Buffalo Co. when they bought the book Buffalo for the Broken Heart by Dan O’Brien (founder) on their honeymoon, five years ago. Thereafter, they became customers.

In addition to their full-time professional jobs, they are both involved in health and wellness; Jared is a health coach and Olivia teaches hot yoga. Food is medicine for them… but they are also super big foodies. To kick off their summer, they ordered our July Bundle and sent us a ten-minute video (which we loved)! We shrunk it down to three-minutes of “chocked full” information, and if we do say so ourselves, they are rather adorable!

Get the scoop in the video below!

Order your July Monthly Special here!



July 02, 2020

Jared and Olivia – Thank you so much for being supporters of Wild Idea Buffalo Co. and for making the extra effort to source sustainable, healthy, good food! Love the video and we are pretty wild about your too! jill o’brien


July 02, 2020

Hmmmm, good food now versus a life of misery later….. Not a hard decision to make, especially with the help of the Wild Idea Buffalo Company! Many thanks, y’all!

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