March Special!

At Wild Idea Buffalo Company, it's a family affair, and you are all part of that family. Jill & Jilian reveal what's in this month's bundle and even cook up a tasty little dish in the process!

Give it a watch, place an order and gather your family around the table to celebrate the goodness that a sustainable food supply can give back!

So, go green and save green with total savings of up to $42.68 that includes FREE shipping - get the details of our March Monthly Special here


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  • What is that cool frying pan you are using, Jill? I think I need one for my orders!

    Lynne Stephens
  • Thank you for mentioning in the video that the packing materials inside the shipping box are compostable. Yay. I hadn’t realized that and was puzzling over what to do with the white, insulating sheets and dismayed that there was so much of it. It does a dandy job of keeping the shipped meat cold but seemed an awful waste of materials to then throw away. I am delighted to now know I can order more fine Wild Buffalo products without adding to the land fills. May I suggest it would be helpful to have information about the compostability of the inserts packed along with the meat. Love you guys.

    Sue Yates

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