Native American Heritage Day

Today is Native American Heritage Day. A day to pay tribute to the heritage, culture and contributions of the Native people. 

A third of Wild Idea Buffalo Company's work force is Native American. We continue to learn about their culture as we work side by side. 

The following video are clips of drumming and song that we have been privileged to hear. In honor of our crew and all the Native people we are sharing it with you today. We hope you take a minute to give it a listen. 

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  • Thank you for sharing this.

    Joyce Cross
  • How wonderful to be able to hear the sounds of our First Nations people. The vibrations and frequencies of the drumming are so meaningful. It is a wonderful thing for those elements to be brought back into the open for the good of all. Thank you!! If not for you, we would not have seen and heard it.

    Jerry and Norma Reynolds
  • Thank you for the privilege of this insight… Absolutely stunning❣️


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