October Monthly Special!

For the Jones family, feeding their children clean, healthy foods is a priority. Jilian states, “The information on the foods that we eat and the direct link it has on our health, especially our children’s health, is simply too important to ignore. For us of course, it starts with Wild Idea Buffalo meat, but it doesn’t end there. We also grow a garden, have a handful of chickens and I even milk a cow. It’s that important to us. It takes more time and costs more, but the health of our kids is worth it.”

So, don’t miss out on our October Special, it’s loaded with fabulous cuts and has a savings of $60.34 with free shipping!

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  • That was a great tape. Thanks for setting it up. I will continue to support you. Keep up the good work. Lynn

    Lynn Willis
  • Great job! Nothing says love, like a family. Your efforts to ensure that your family eats “clean,” are life lessons, for everyone.
    P.S. I can hardly believe how the kids have grown!


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