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April 11, 2020


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Roaming Free

Over a month ago I caught a flight to Arizona to assist in caring for my ailing (non COVID-19 related), eighty-four-year-old mother. It’s been a roller coaster ride of a variety of sorts, which there is no preparation for.  Although she is doing better, assistance for elderly care during this pandemic is - well… hard to come by. But, we (my sisters and I) are handling it and it certainly has not been without humor. And, like most of the country/world, we are staying in place, with added necessary precautions.
Arizona Flowers
I am very grateful that I have the ability to be where I am, but I long to roam free. Since I was a teenager when the world seemed to be closing in on me, I would lace up my sneakers and run, letting the wind, rain, snow or sun take me away in the wide open spaces. The great outdoors has always been my refuge and even though the setting where I currently reside is beautiful - complete with trees, Bougainvillea and a plethora of birds - I long to roam.  

Arizona Canal When things start to feel too heavy, I do what I have always done, only now at a slower pace. I roam the streets until I come to the canal that is fed by the Salt, Verde and Colorado Rivers. It is a place for runners, walkers, bicycle riders and wild things. The canal runs for miles and miles and is protected between two concrete walls that are draped with flowering bushes. Ducks, geese and turtles are often found and I stop to talk to them all along the way. It is good conversation. When the weight starts to lift, I turn and head back, with the knowingness that I have been replenished and can face whatever lies ahead.

This however does not cure my homesickness - so I roam through photographs of the buffalo, which transports me back home to the prairie. In them I see brighter days ahead. I’ve put a collection of images together to share with you and I hope they brighten your day too. Wherever your “stay in place” environment is, stay strong and roam on. It's good medicine.  

Bison Bull in Rays

Bison Herd Summer

Bison Herd in Sun Rays

Bison Cow Close Up

Sunrise Over Bison

 Bison in Sunset


Ramona Pereira

April 11, 2020

Lovely read. Have a blessed Easter. We enjoy the fruits of your labor on a regular basis. ❤️

Kristin bennett

April 11, 2020

Thanks for sharing Jill. The prairie, your friends and fans miss you! Take care!


April 11, 2020

Thank you.

Patrick OBrien

April 11, 2020

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing Jill. Hope you and your families are safe and well!

Ann Reiling

April 11, 2020

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pictures. Always uplifting! Be safe.

Liz Aicher

April 11, 2020

Jill, I can relate to your need to roam. I get out once or twice a week to roam the Valles Caldera or Bandelier. Communing with nature soothes my soul.
Sorry your going through a tough time with your mom. Be strong, be safe.

Sharon Kennedy Concha

April 11, 2020

Love and prayers to you and your family. Thank you for sharing your beautiful message and pics!!

Ellen Olander

April 11, 2020

Thank you Jill for the beautiful photos. They gave me a smile and a sigh for better days. Hope your mother does well.

Mike Hill

April 11, 2020

The healing solace of solitude is most noticeable when absent. Best in your journey through these moments and thanks for your lovely writing about that experience. Here in northern NM I can walk out my door and walk the mesa and the arroyos and appreciate that experience and notice the changes with the small flow from far upstream and the return of swallows after a two year hiatus. What a treat for me as your loved bison will be again, hopefully sooner than later with your mother’s, and the nation’s, return to health.

Marie Tesch

April 11, 2020

Thanks Jill. We have lovely snow in Maine, but no buffalo. For years they were just a little road trip away. Your photography captured that feeling of freedom beautifully and eased my homesick heart.

Jean Nielsen

April 11, 2020

Thank you for this, Jill. It was nice to see you again, if only for a moment across the doorway. I will check on your Mom and Susan for you. The pictures are beautiful. They give me a sense of God’s awesomeness but also of His calming spirit.
Peace and blessings from Arizona.

Janis Fitschen

April 11, 2020

BAck when I was in an office 40 hrs. a week. Some days I would go to the nearest
garden center and walk in live plants section to decompress. It helped.
Now, when I can’t go or the weather is nasty I look at your wonderful pictures and
read about you, Dan and family.
thanks to all of you and what you are doing for the praire and the people who eat
the healthy buffalo.


April 11, 2020

Happy Easter Jill. We will roam with you in spirit as we find our way through this unusual time. Bless us all…

Nick Cardinale

April 11, 2020

Beautiful land hope to see it one day, thanks for the photos. We are from NewEngland my refuge is a long walk in the backwoods amongst the geologic mystery’s in our area. We have a chapel of stone out back to visit and reflect.

Artie Hardie

April 11, 2020

I hope that you all have a Happy Easter.

Cheves Leland

April 11, 2020

Thank you Jill. Healing thoughts and images. No prairies here in the Carolina lowcountry, but we have yet marshes and creeks and forests. Birds are nesting, humming birds and great. Estes fly st hers in the yard. No bison here, but there were when Duropeans first arrived. I’m so glad to know they are being brought back and that the prairies have returned. Thanks to your family. Take. Are and stay safe.

Dan Cohen

April 11, 2020

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and visual prayers.

Kathy Treanor

April 11, 2020

Best wishes with your Mother. And best wishes to you, Dan and the herd. May you all stay safe and healthy. Mountain bluebirds are back in WY even though snow is predicted for Easter and one degree tonight. The mule deer and bighorn sheep that surround our house won’t mind the temps. And there are hints of green grass!

Sue and Jim Corley

April 11, 2020

Best wishes to your mother and family . We truly enjoyed the photos , living in California we take frequent trips to Wyoming , Montana and Yellowstone, in the winter and love seeing the Elk and Buffalo, in these times we our glad we have horses they our escape to ride on the trails and enjoy the outdoors seeing cranes ,bobcats, and coyotes . Thank you for the great recipes for the delicious Buffalo and I have been trying a lot of them out while being home.


April 11, 2020

I’m in the Phoenix area – if you can’t be here but need something dropped off for your mom (from the store, etc.), I’d be happy to be a drop-off/delivery person. I wouldn’t make face-to-face contact, but I’ll be happy to do a “doorbell dump”!!

Diana Siderides

April 11, 2020

Beautiful words and awesome photos, thank you for sharing them.

Happy Easter to All of You out there ~

Chris Knerr

April 11, 2020

I hope you might consider getting these out in a book someday to tell your story. Thanks for giving us beauty and hope!

Timothy Hale

April 11, 2020

I read an article in Mens Journal about your family , and how incredibly healthy your Buffalo is . That and how the environment benefits as well. My wife and I received our first order , and LOVE it. We did not realize the store bought stuff was just not as good for us or the environment. Thank-you for changing corners of the world all over.
Barbara Horton

April 11, 2020

Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures. Your mom is lucky to have you.
Tomorrow’s Easter dinner will be Buffalo Sloppy Joes using your recipe. It is not the traditional Easter dinner but cooking for one requires a change of course.

Amanda White

April 11, 2020

Thanks so much for your beautiful thoughts and the ability you have to put them into words. And, then, of course, are the wonderful bison! They are always my favorites——so stoic and strong and beautiful. Easter blessings to you, Dan and families.

Brenda Curwick

April 11, 2020

So glad your Mother is doing better and wish you were visiting our great state of AZ under better circumstances. It really is a beautiful place. Love your words above and the photos!

Blake O'Quinn

April 11, 2020

we are reminded this season of Easter of a message not of pain and suffering but of hope and healing. our spirit is untouched by anything of this world. we never ask for pain but yet encounter our share all the same. lifting our vision above the fray by going quietly within, we can easily remember our resurrected spirit that never leaves us alone or without, we have freed ourselves to roam again and again in joy and peace.

finding that peace in nature touches us deeply I would guess. it does for me.


April 11, 2020

Allows me to take a deep breath of your inspiration. Thank you Jill!

Antoinette Hamner

April 11, 2020

This journey you are on with your Mom and sisters is one you can never take again. You are such a wonderful story teller, now is the time to listen to the stories she has to tell and get answers to what you want to know, if she can.
I made heart stew and tongue this week.
This is how the best stories come about.
From the heart and spoken by the tongue.
Love each other through these complex times.
Let your spirit soar while you roam.
From ‘lock down’ but not locked in, in Florida.

Tom Conners

April 11, 2020

Great Post for right now Jill, best of all it worked as Intended😁. There’s nothing for me like pics of the the herd, their health and majesty to make my day🤩 ..

Chris and Kim

April 11, 2020

Thank you for the heartfelt writings and beautiful photos Jill. We are right there with you on trying to take care of family that is miles away, especially in these difficult times. All the best to your mom as well as the rest of the O’Brien and WIB family. Happy Easter from South Carolina. Stay healthy and well.


April 11, 2020

One could get lost in thoses skies… Best of luck with your Mom. Many of us have been there.


April 12, 2020

Beautiful words and lovely images..Sending prayers from Idaho.. Happy Easter🙏

Vernon Cross

April 12, 2020

When I realized the extent of personal sequestering in place and over stocking of household shelves which was taking place here in Portsmouth, NH, I eventually considered how well situated you all were in buffalo heaven on earth for your sustenance. I was pretty sure we could get at least one good order of bison in the freezer before things maybe got iffy, and so we did. As more and more people strongly evaluate lifestyle choices for pursuing optimal health, I feel fortunate to have discovered your herds years ago for our source of red meat. It makes me feel truly rich to relate this to others, even though we are not that wealthy. Sorry to hear about your loved ones in Arizona dealing with issues we elderly must address. May your herds swell.

Catherine Weber

April 12, 2020

Joyeuses Pâques de France! Merci pour ces magnifiques photos et plein de bonnes choses pour vous et votre famille (et en particulier votre Maman).


April 12, 2020

Thanks so much for sharing Jill, Blessings and hugs to you and your family

Joyce Cross

April 12, 2020

I love to roam, too. Thank you!


April 12, 2020

Thank you for sharing.


April 16, 2020

Thanks, Ms. Jill! Know always that this time with your mom and your sisters is the best gift you can give each other. Treasure the moments. Even the hard ones….maybe especially the difficult ones….add strength to the glue that family provides at times when all else in life seems shattered beyond repair. Blessings!


April 16, 2020

Lovely, stay strong and may we always have places to roam free.

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