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September 06, 2019


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September Monthly Special!

It's back-to-school time, so for this month, Jill gives us a quick tutorial on what's in our Wild Idea Buffalo Meat. You'll see scenes from around the ranch and learn a little too! 

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September 07, 2019

Awesome video!! You’re a movie star!🌟😊
Thanks for all the great deals!
Happy September back at you!🍂🍁

john karlson

September 07, 2019

Love the river shot (had to click) and video.

Diane Dulude

September 07, 2019

Great video, Jill !! Sharing the beauty of South Dakota , along with what makes Wild Idea Bison special 🤠

Richard Northfield

September 07, 2019

Jill -

Outstanding video. You are a marketing expert. Bought the bundle. Sure appreciate you all!


Gary Kaiser

September 07, 2019

You all would blow the Food Network out of the water. Not many chefs that offer truly incredible delicious food that are saving our precious Mother Earth at the same time.

gérard klein

September 09, 2019

Hi ! So good to see you ! Hope I’ll come back to meet you again ! Je vous embrasse ! gérard

Chris and Kim

September 09, 2019

Great video Jill. Love the “joie de vivre”! All too true with the healthy and delectable WIB bison meats!
Greetings from South Carolina!

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