Spring Returns with Snow

At the end of February, fences are checked and we begin to lookout for the buffalo that are across the Cheyenne River on their winter grazing grounds of the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands. When there are sightings of them, we will start to bring them home.

Intuitively, the bison know it's time to return to the ranch and luckily this year, it went well.

Bison on the move

Other than a two week cold snap with a skiff of ice and snow, we hadn't had much of a winter. But... it was on its way. 

We moved the herd through a series of gates before they got to their final destination. 

They love to move and once they arrived to the designated pasture - they put their heads down and started grazing. 

Six hours later, snow was falling. We would receive and happily welcome two snow storms before the first day of spring.

Unpredictable weather patterns are common on the Great Plains - which the buffalo are well adapted for. 

Winter photos can be difficult to capture, as often the buffalo are far away and getting stuck in severe weather in the middle of nowhere without cell service is not my idea of a good time. With the bison now closer to home, I set out and captured some images that I hope you enjoy. 

Bull Bison Head Shot in snow

A puff of air releases as the big bull gives a soft grunt.

On the move to a treat of hay.

Hay - I'm a buffalo - I can take the snow - no worries.

Catching snowflakes. 

Assessing the situation... Or, "Can you hear me now? Yes, I can... but the roaming charges are killing me." ;)

Boys will be boys.

Dashing through the snow...

A winter calf (very uncommon) runs to catch up to its mother after seeing me.

This beautiful young buffalo paused for a photo shoot. 

 Bring it on.


Hold still now so I can take your picture....

A family group on the move. 

Bison Cow Calf Silhouette

Spring is on the horizon, with the snow mostly melted into the earth for the promise of green grass to come. Happy Spring!

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  • Buffalo are incredible, and I love seeing them free to move where they want in their natural habitat. Love all the photos.

    Patricia Lopez
  • Glad you had a real winter with some moisture. What a privilege to have a life surrounded by these remarkable animals.

    Tony Gilkyson
  • Awesome photography. Thank you for capturing the majesty of these noble beings.

    Larry O'Connor
  • Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures of the TATANKA💞!

    Melanie Black Elk
  • Love your pictures very interesting to see how they remembered where to go.

    Joyce Eileen Patterson
  • These are lovely photos. Thank you for sharing them.

    Peter Johnson
  • Thank you Jill for sharing these gorgeous photographs with us. You’ve put a lot of effort into taking them, and you have an artistic eye. Seeing them helps my day go better.


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