Surrounded By Buffalo Guests

When you live on the prairie, there are a variety of guests that show up at your door. Those guests include, birds, bunnies, racoons, snakes, toads, etc. 

Gold Finch

Some are more welcome than others.

Rattle Snake

Perimeter fences are built around the houses and out buildings, keeping the larger animals out.

Buffalo House Guests

My studio however, is tucked into the hillside of a thousand acre pasture, without a fence around it. A couple of weeks ago the Buffalo were moved into this pasture and during this time they have paid me several visits. They are very curious animals when not threatened and have an escape route. I've been videoing some of my experiences to share with you, and I hope you enjoy the buffalo visits as much as I did.

And, no, it never gets old. 😊

P.S.: Make sure you watch to the end, as a baby fawn makes its first video debut!

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  • Wonderful video!

    Karen Brick
  • So drawn in by the natural beauty of sights and sounds. Burst out laughing when you told the Buffalo not to eat your flowers and it looked up like like it was caught, and turned and ran away.
    Keep doing the good work. I hope you all stay safe from the draught and fires.

    Angela Trzepkowski
  • Native blood runs through my veins.
    The work that you are doing brings me great joy -

    My heart connects instantly with those who ran with the wild and had the courage to face these awesome creatures.

    With those who preserved the balance of native grounds – while preserving their own tribe…..
    the grounds on which we once walked – is captured in your video

    My core feels the thunder of their hooves on the earth – I smell the prairie and feel their wind
    I am far from my native land.

    Thank you for the beautiful reminder that it is not man who beautifies the earth –
    it is beautified by the beasts of the field –
    It is only they who live by the god given laws of nature and so , by these cycles, humans are blessed.


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