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March 26, 2021


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Crazy for Grass & Weed...s!

Our buffalo herds roam over large landscapes 365 days a year eating grass, forbs, sedges and a little weed. You can always be assured that our buffalo meat products, are 100% herbicide and pesticide free, 100% antibiotic and hormone free, and 100% non-GMO. Just pure clean meat, raised on water, grass (with a little weed), and sunshine! : )



March 27, 2021

That’s awesome!

Who doesn’t like a happy Buffalo?

Jean Thompson

March 27, 2021

Weed is legal here in Illinois, so I made my first legal purchase at a dispensary. (Illegal usage dates back to 1967.) First reaction: what is this stuff? Many products, items, categories. Dispensary itself very secure, orderly, friendly. Your purchase comes in a bright yellow bag that looks like it might contain sunscreen. The state is making big money from this. Come on, South Dakota! I foresee a profitable business sideline out on the prairie.

Michael G. O'Brien

March 27, 2021

They can eat whatever they feel like that is growing on the prairie. IMHO

Keith Thunem

March 27, 2021

Absence of weed means presence of herbicide

Mark Moench

March 27, 2021

Groovy man !!

Ann Thompson

March 27, 2021

Oh, these made me laugh!!! You did a great job with the memes. Since I am in the tourism business they make me chuckle too! I Love the pure raised buffalo you sell and so does my family!!

Andrea Jankowski

March 27, 2021

LOL – Those look like some very happy and relaxed buffalo!


March 28, 2021

They’ve been eating ditch weed for 130,000 years. Can’t be too detrimental to their health.

Jeremiah Scepaniak

March 28, 2021

Hope they save some of that Bison grass for us!

Michael Whaley

March 28, 2021

To quote Mr. Willie Nelson. ’It’s already been proven that taxing and regulating marijuana makes more sense than sending young people to prison for smoking a God-given herb that has never proven fatal to anybody.

That comes right off the dust jacket to Willie’s book, Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die. Thanks Wilde Idea. Willie and everyone who loves to laugh and be kind.

Gerald carl

March 29, 2021

Weed, good or bad there is the true weed out on the prairie.

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