Crazy for Grass & Weed...s!

Our buffalo herds roam over large landscapes 365 days a year eating grass, forbs, sedges and a little weed. You can always be assured that our buffalo meat products, are 100% herbicide and pesticide free, 100% antibiotic and hormone free, and 100% non-GMO. Just pure clean meat, raised on water, grass (with a little weed), and sunshine! : )

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  • Weed, good or bad there is the true weed out on the prairie.

    Gerald carl
  • To quote Mr. Willie Nelson. ’It’s already been proven that taxing and regulating marijuana makes more sense than sending young people to prison for smoking a God-given herb that has never proven fatal to anybody.

    That comes right off the dust jacket to Willie’s book, Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die. Thanks Wilde Idea. Willie and everyone who loves to laugh and be kind.

    Michael Whaley
  • Hope they save some of that Bison grass for us!

    Jeremiah Scepaniak
  • They’ve been eating ditch weed for 130,000 years. Can’t be too detrimental to their health.

  • LOL – Those look like some very happy and relaxed buffalo!

    Andrea Jankowski
  • Oh, these made me laugh!!! You did a great job with the memes. Since I am in the tourism business they make me chuckle too! I Love the pure raised buffalo you sell and so does my family!!

    Ann Thompson
  • Groovy man !!

    Mark Moench
  • Absence of weed means presence of herbicide

    Keith Thunem
  • They can eat whatever they feel like that is growing on the prairie. IMHO

    Michael G. O'Brien
  • Weed is legal here in Illinois, so I made my first legal purchase at a dispensary. (Illegal usage dates back to 1967.) First reaction: what is this stuff? Many products, items, categories. Dispensary itself very secure, orderly, friendly. Your purchase comes in a bright yellow bag that looks like it might contain sunscreen. The state is making big money from this. Come on, South Dakota! I foresee a profitable business sideline out on the prairie.

    Jean Thompson
  • That’s awesome!

    Who doesn’t like a happy Buffalo?


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