The Heart of Humanity

Preface: This past year, our country's discussion on our discriminative and political divide was visibly brought into our homes to witness. Injustice based on any discrimination should not be tolerated and should insult us all. Political divide is a bit different; we may not always get what we want, but that doesn't need to evoke hate. We are all someone's son, daughter, mother, father, wife, husband, neighbor and at the heart are good. We are re-sharing this blog post as a reminder of what that goodness can look like. Peace & Love to all. 

They say as a country we are divided and that we have dug our heels into what will help each of us personally. Perhaps that is true. But I hear about our division more than I see it.

Recently, I was on a flight back from seeing my family in Arizona, when over the sound system came a request for anyone with medical experience to go to the front of the airplane. Within minutes, there were five people offering their services. From where I was seated, none of these folks seemed to know one another or the person needing medical treatment. The group huddled for a briefing from the flight attendants and then the medical volunteers got to work quietly, cooperatively and with hands moving efficiently. No one seemed to be concerned about race, political party or other. The attention was focused on helping someone in need.Once we landed, another announcement came over the speakers informing us that we would need to stay seated until emergency medical professionals were able to come aboard and carefully evacuate the passenger. There were no grumbles. No usual huffs of inconvenience. Just concern and empathy for the person suffering. As I sat there watching the scene unfold, I was struck by how united everyone seemed to be and how it shifted the feel of the environment on the plane. Immersed in the warmth of the Kumbaya moment, the 4-H pledge that I had recited many times as kid ran through my mind;

I pledge my head to clearer thinking,
My heart to greater loyalty,
My hands to larger service,
and my health to better living,
for my club, my community, my country, and my world.

“That’s a pretty good pledge – good words to live by”, I said to myself.

The scenario and the pledge have stayed with me. It has also caused me to take an inventory of my life’s efforts and the purpose of those efforts. My life has revolved around food in some form since I was a kid reciting the 4-H pledge. From growing, raising, preparing, to serving it, food has been at the core. Although not always easy or lucrative, it's been good work and has brought people together, united them even, if just for a couple of hours. All of us at Wild Idea Buffalo Company, are thoughtful in our greater mission of improving our environment, which includes respecting all things within that environment. The by-product of these efforts provides nutritious food for a healthier lifestyle. We do this wholeheartedly for us and for you (our community) too, and we'll keep our hands busy, working with intention, for our club, our community, our country and our world for generations to come. I may be naïve, but doing good really does make you feel good. Better yet... it's contagious! 

Story: Jill O'Brien

Photo Credit (sans second image): Jim Henderson

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  • Hey Jill, proud to have said that 4-H pledge right alongside you a few times. We had a nice club full of good families and so many of those members went on to helpful, productive lives! :)

    Joan Wollschlager
  • Great message. For all you do, write, and create, thanks, Jill. Happy Valentine’s Day to the family and the crew at Wild Idea.
    Donna Fisher
  • Yes. Do good for others. It does spread.


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