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April 28, 2017


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The Subtlety of Spring on the Prairie

Over the past six weeks I've had the opportunity to travel to Arizona and California. Everyplace I went spring seemed to be on steroids. Bougainvillea hung heavy with bursting fuchsia blooms, colorful flowering vines draped over border walls, and exotic trees showcased stunning, fragrant flowers.

Spring is not as showy on the prairie. You have to look to find its subtle beauty. This is when my hikes turn into scavenger hunts, as prairie flowers often prefer different soil conditions.
Wild Idea Buffalo RanchWhen you find the spring prairie flowers its like finding a treasure. You are so blown away that something so delicate could live in such a landscape.
Wild Idea Buffalo RanchWet hillsides are always a good place to look, as long as you don’t mind a little extra shoe weight.  And, having someone to share your find with can make it even more special. My someone occasionally requires a ride. More weight, but he's worth it!
If you are looking up, you could very well miss the show. (Looking up is not an option for prairie girls afraid of snakes.) Often there will just be a single plant, like the Purple Pincushion cactus that keeps it's buds enclosed in its pin-cushioned dome.
Purple Pincushion
Or you may find a hillside colored with with delicate flowers or splashed with yellow. 

Each week new flowers will shyly present themselves and although the spring flowers can be hard to find, the sweet smell of the wild plums and honeysuckle, along with the birds that fill the vast space with their showy songs, insure you that spring is here! 
Cheyenne River Ranch



Jane Baile UIAD

April 29, 2017

Spring and a smile, the two best remedies for any ailment, be it of the body, the heart or the spirit. Savour every moment. Thanks for the photos.

jane pomeroy

April 29, 2017

Great picture, I love to feel your stories and imagine what your life is like. I have enjoyed eating buffalo and will continue to order my special cuts from you, thank you
Linda C Nelson

April 29, 2017

Beautiful. Your love for the landscape of the prairie shines through.


April 29, 2017

Thank you.

David Thoreson

April 29, 2017

Pretty plants=Prairie Pride‍???


April 29, 2017

Another beautiful tribute to the Prarie and to life! Thanks for sharing.

Roxanne Fox

April 29, 2017

Revel! Celebration! Glorious reviving of the slumbering nature.


April 29, 2017

Can you imagine what those prairies looked like when there were 40 million roaming in the “lower 48?” Well, that was before they were all slaughtered by our forefathers – just for the sake of it.

Peggy Detmers

April 29, 2017

What a wonderful beautiful life!

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