"The Week Just Passed" by, Dan O'Brien

Our culture suffered a setback during the busy week just passed. Many people are deeply upset and there are those who couldn’t care less. The election, of course, is a big story. But I’m not sure it should be. Elections come and go.

Some of the clarity gained over the last five or six decades will no-doubt fade, but the nugget of what was revealed in that time will remain. We know much more about what makes us human than we did fifty years ago. Whether you are an admirer or not, you have been enriched by the mile-marker that was passed last week. We’ve been helped to understand that, no matter how differently we approach life, we strive for the same things. Respecting differences is of paramount importance. If we have learned nothing else, we should have learned that, difficult as life is, it goes on. We are all better people for the era that ended on November 10th. The death of Leonard Cohen should sadden us all.

                                    Like a bird on the wire

                                    Like a drunk in a midnight choir

                                    I have tried, in my way,

                                    To be free

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  • Howard Ende has it right. Last I checked, something like 60 million people might disagree with your assertion that the country has “suffered a setback”. And how is it that we have evolved such that we “know more about what makes us human” than 50 years ago. How presumptuous is that? Even arrogant. I’d say cultural and spiritual decadence has pointed us down a road heading full speed the other way.

    Anyway, I still love the products of Wild Idea Buffalo and glad that bison are neither republicans or democrats.

    God Bless America

    Dave Papritz
  • You have two women in your household. What do they say?

    Mary Smrcka
  • Well said Dan. Reflections are appreciated and respected. Thank you for all you do. Peace & light, Gina

    Gina Obrien
  • beautiful…

    Jo Ann Hajek
  • Wound is still too raw for many of us and hard to ignore the monsters Trump has unleashed – bigotry, misogyny, anti-semitism, every kind of me-firstism that will not make this country great. And that comment only addresses the human portion of the gash he has caused. Frightening enough for sure but what about the world we all live in – those small bits where each of us live and love and protect, the huger world we all share. You are right in saying that time will pass, life will go on, the differences must be bridged and maybe there is something to be said for this too-long campaign rearing off layers of complacency and exposing the ugliness that Trump’s rhetoric rekindled. But I do know good people who voted for Trump who, I hope, will find themselves horrified to be associated with the kkk, neo-nazis, climate change non-believers, me-firsters, America uber alles thinkers who will work toward some kind of coalition that can save us from our worst selves.

    Maradee Girt
  • If i could suggest, don’t mix politics with your business.

    I’m not sure what era you are referring to, or what in our culture is being setback, but tread lightly, as Americans can vote with their ballot boxes and their wallets.

    Howard Ende
  • Your commentary was confusing. Wondering whether you were talking politics or the death of a friend…

  • Well Dan – It is nice to hear from you – The Europeans are aghast, and terrified of their upcoming elections, given the abrupt turn of ours. We have been listening to Leonard non stop and I do believe, as a french friend of mine pointed out, he probably decided to check out once he heard the results.. Very dry here in Colorado, but I have turned several households onto wild idea, at least that!

    Nina Salter
  • You are a special human being. Hugs. And we sure would like to see Jill’s ?

    Jane Burns
  • What ended era are you referring to?

    Dorothy Jacobs

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