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June 16, 2020


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Wild Idea and POC

In the last few weeks, protests for racial justice have taken place in every state in our nation, in over 2,000 cities and towns. In Rapid City, South Dakota, too, where Wild Idea’s offices and processing plant are located, residents have taken to the streets in support of Black Lives Matter.

Black people make up a very small percentage of our area’s population, which can make it difficult to experience the same urgent awakening happening in places like Louisville, Philadelphia, or Los Angeles. The fact that Black people make up a small percentage of our population is no excuse to disengage from the current upheaval in national race relations. That excuse is both ignorant and cowardly.

Our ranch sits adjacent to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation where thousands of people live in poverty as desperate as any minority in the United States. Unemployment runs to 80% on the reservation. Education is substandard and violence is common. Many Lakota people come to Rapid City looking for work and fulfillment of the American promise of fruitful and secure lives. Only a few find that life. Many find the same abuses as Black citizens in New York, Chicago, or rural Georgia.

pow wow on grasslands with sun setting
Wild Idea tries to fight the reality of implicit and blatant racism by supporting a diverse work force based on merit, not skin color. Thirty percent of our workforce are POC. We give what we can to the Boy’s Club (which is mostly Native children), and we support and march in the Native American parade. We show up in court when our employees are arrested for minor infractions that we (as white citizens) would never be stopped for. We pay fines and arrange for rides when driver’s licenses are suspended. We attend Sun Dances and Sweat Lodges. We even comforted the wife of one of our employees who was shot dead on his own porch after she called the police - she called the police for assistance and help, not to shoot her husband.

We are also aligned with Native sourcing partners, and we have a couple Native Americans who are in supervisory and manager positions, but we have no POC in ownership or on our board of directors. None of that is enough and we know we have to do better.

A large part of our business model and mission is to create a balance among all the life entities on the Great Plains. It is an imperfect metaphor, but all the creatures in the Great Plains ecosystem are essential parts of the greater whole. It is like our American society itself; none will thrive unless all thrive. And, it is our duty and mission to work toward that goal. It’s all part of the whole and we’re all a part of it.


Brad Nielson

June 17, 2020

Thank you very much for all that you at Wild Idea are doing to help address the systemic inequality and racism that exists in our country. Your metaphor was, on the contrary, a perfect metaphor

Holly Hopper

June 17, 2020

Thank you for being so much more than a source for Buffalo meat! You’d humanity for all living beings, because we are all neighbors on this planet shines a light in these dark times.

Lois DeWaard

June 17, 2020

Thank you for your efforts to assist Native Americans in your company.

Kimberley Cronin

June 17, 2020

Thank you for speaking out against racial injustice. Your words will inspire thoughtful discussions that will hopefully lead to actions in support of lasting change. As a customer and person of color, the actions the company is taking to fight against racism and the work you are doing in support of people of color and racial justice means a lot.

Donna Fisher

June 17, 2020

Dan, Jill, and Wild Idea family, this is why we support you! Dan, we know your eloquence is matched by action. To those who live beyond western South Dakota, you may have little opportunity to sense the courage it takes to speak out publicly and act as Dan, Jill and Wild Idea do. We see it and it touches our hearts.


June 17, 2020

Thank you so so much for all you do in your community to help those less fortunate and being more than an employer to POC. You are good stewards of the land God entrusted you with therefore blessing you to help others. I’m a customer of yours and my heart connects to yours in your endeavors to continue to do great things there. God bless


June 17, 2020

Thank you! Stay safe and strong.


June 17, 2020

Thank you very much Dan and Jill, again and again for your work.
All over the world too many people suffer from discriminations,even in my country,France,but we can manage if we fight against racism and pray for the “VIVRE ENSEMBLE “ on this Earth.

Barbara Horton

June 17, 2020

As I watched the BLM protests my thoughts were with our Native Americans. Thank you for bringing attention to this segment of our population and thank you for all you do to make their lives better. How we spend our money is an ethical decision. Your support of POC is just one of the reasons I choose to buy from Wild Idea.

Doug Williams

June 17, 2020

I am proud to be your customer and, dare I say, friend. The Wild Idea journey is a steady flow of inspiration.

Mary Lynn Bailey

June 17, 2020

Thank you for sharing this insight with us. It is heartbreaking to me what these people have had to overcome for centuries and yet they survive because they are a strong people. The injustice that has happens to black, indigenous and many other people of color in the country is something that we all need leave behind us as we make our way forward into a new reality.

Thomas Conners

June 17, 2020

Jill and Dan 👍, moving in historical fashion to get us back to Real being human beings🤗

Niel E Dilworth

June 17, 2020

Thank you. As individuals and a company your follow the dictum to Think Globally and Act Locally. If we all engaged to this level in our own communities we would have a better, safer and more just world.

Bill Day

June 17, 2020

Kathy and I live in the North Georgia Mountains, and most of my life I have lived in the South. People say and thiunk we have mistreated the Black population—and we have. However, in my opinion, no population or race within the USA has been MORE MISTREATED then our Native American population. Thanks Jill and Dan for what you do for these folks.

bill day

David Kim

June 17, 2020

Now we all know what Colin Kaepernick was trying to say.

Don Rigg

June 17, 2020

Dan, thank you for your insight, your work and for sharing these things with us. In these times we need more people with the type of understanding that you have. The most important thing is that you just don’t think and say, but you put these things into action and doing.

Liz Aicher

June 17, 2020

Just as you are restoring the prairie, wherein all systems work together, you are helping restore humankind, which needs help in working together, with your support of your neighbors and friends. We can all do more. We do what we can, as we can. Wild Idea Buffalo is ahead of that curve, and I commend you all for that. Thank you.

Shelbye Omondi

June 17, 2020

Thank you so much for this writing. Ive ordered from you all before based on high quality and now it will be because of high quality, high character and being an outwardly supportive voice for POC. God bless you all 💙🙏🏾

Blake O'Quinn

June 17, 2020

the boy asked his grandfather, “why do some people hurt others? his grandfather replied, “our most important function is not to change the outside world to our liking but to seek the peace we desire more than anything else which already resides in our mind. spend your time in its comforting embrace, that beautiful song of yours, allowing to fall away what you find no longer nourishes your peace. this inevitably will lead to true and lasting change. others will be drawn to your peace.”


June 18, 2020

so shocked by the murder of the husband of your employee ! so sad and incredibly desperate…
I see there is a french person Pascal who wrote.
Where are you from Pascal ?
all of you take care

Jim Berlin

June 18, 2020

Great insight. People would agree that the ingrediants of a loaf of bread by themselves don’t taste very good. Once they are blended and baked they are tasty. So too the world population seperated from one another are not the most productive. A mix of cultures and minds will have the greatest result therefor more happiness. All people want happiness and peace.
Thanks again for being a great wordsmith and earth dweller. Long live Wild Idea Buffalo!

Beth Mundy

June 19, 2020

I grew up in southeastern South Dakota and my Dad is a retired ELCA Lutheran minister. We were raised with the following values: “Love your neighbor as yourself”, “The story of the good Samaritan”, “Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world: red and yellow, black and white, all are precious in his sight” and that we should “be good stewards of the earth”. I moved to Florida in the 80’s to finish my education as a physical therapist and over the years, I have treated thousands of people of all colors, creeds and sexual orientations. I always try to interact with others using the above ideas and it seems that it would be a good place for us all to start. Also, thanks for being such good stewards of our beautiful earth! I look forward to my next purchase.

Monica Van der Vieren

June 22, 2020

Thank you for all you do to make sustainability about people, as well as the land. Not buying meat anywhere else.

Pamela Fairbanks

June 22, 2020

Thank you

Caroline Sheffield

June 26, 2020

Thank you for addressing this critical issue.

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