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November 06, 2020


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Wild Idea Work Boots

For the past twenty-three years, Wild Idea and affiliated ranch partners have had their boots on the ground - working hard to regenerate and preserve the American Great Plains, by bringing back the bison. 

On this special day of recognizing National Bison Day, it gives us great pleasure to introduce the Wild Idea Work Boot, made possible with our good friends and partners at Patagonia. So, step into the film in celebration with us and get a closer look at the family and the mission behind our Wild Ideas!

Order Women's Wild Idea Work Boots

Order Men's Wild Idea Work Boots

Video used with permission by Patagonia


Julia McSherry

November 07, 2020

Couldn’t wait to have Wild Idea buffalo boots. They are beautiful, comfortable, and perfect for working around my barn. Rugged yet good looking enough to be worn all day including into town. Thank you for teaming with Patagonia to make them! P.S. Why not sell whole buffalo hides for rugs or throws? I would love to have one!


November 07, 2020

What a great collaboration! Lovely filming; makes me a bit homesick, but I know what I want for Christmas! Baby needs a new pair of boots.

Georgia Rosen

November 07, 2020

This is great two of my very favorite companies joining together for this wonderful way of using something that would be going to waste. Kudos to Wild Idea and Patagonia !
Thank you


November 07, 2020


Eric Johnson

November 07, 2020

Wow, what a powerful video!


November 08, 2020

A very “dreamfull “video…as usual.
Course I’m going to order boots,even for walking in Paris streets,in a first step ,hopping to trample ,one day,the Cheyenne river banks.
Thank you again and again for your dedication to nature.


November 08, 2020

I am lazy, wondering if ya’ll have a slip on men’s boot coming? thanks

Genia Service

November 08, 2020

Love this great job! Sell hides.


November 08, 2020

It would be really great if you had the “Men’s” lace up style available in smaller sizes! I love this whole concept partnering with Patagonia, but As a woman I prefer the look/style of the “Men’s” boot over the available “Woman’s”! Any possibilities of that coming to fruition???🤠

John Liccardi

November 09, 2020

Yes, PLEASE consider selling the tanned hides. We would love a couple of those in our family room!

Rick Contreras

November 12, 2020

Please get the size 12 boots back is stock. I’ll treat myself to something “pretty” for Christmas!!

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