The Dirt on Gut & Soil Health

It can be hard to understand or care much about things we cannot see with the naked eye. That’s just human nature. It’s curious to note that, at the time of writing this, major news and culture outlets are awash with posts about gut health. 

No To Beefalo

A recent NPR article touts beefalo as “the healthy meat of the future.” Beefalo is a buffalo-cow hybrid ­that represents the latest in the heartbreaking history of the American bison.  For years, speculators have been crossbreeding buffalo with cows and selling the resulting beefalo as a marketing gimmick. 

The Ingredients of Wild Idea Buffalo Meat

What’s in the meat you eat? We have no idea, unless you are buying it from us. Our ingredient list is real simple: Fresh water, native grass and pure sunshine.

The Ministry For The Future

Six weeks ago, I got a tip from Yvon Chouinard about a book. He said it was a must-read. He held the book up to the screen on our Zoom call, pointed to it, and smiled. He shook his head. “You got to read this book,” he said. “This guy’s thought of everything.”

Nature's Salad Bar

You’ve heard the adage “You are what you eat.” But what are you, if you don’t know what you eat eats? There’s been a lot of movement in human health toward returning to our “original” diets—that is, eating what we evolved to eat. We’ve all encountered the literature that says we’re healthier when we eat a variety of unprocessed foods. After all, that’s what our bodies were made for.

Eating Ethically to Save an Ecosystem

As private landholders, we, along with our sourcing partners, are trying to protect these prairie ecosystems for a healthy diversity of both flora & fauna. But we are not running a park; something has to pay the bills. Our humane field harvest helps keep our lands in balance, which in turn supports a healthy, biodiverse ecosystem and a healthy, by-product of buffalo meat. This natural circle of life and food, for both animals and people, is the true meaning of regenerative and is most definitely ethical.

Animal Husbandry & Humane Harvest

In the late summer and early fall the herd comes together for the breeding season. Nine months later, in the spring the prairie welcomes its newest generation of prairie regenerators. It may seem counterintuitive to harvest animals when you are trying to bring them back, but harvesting is necessary to balance the herd numbers with what the land can support. 

A Mother's Day Parade

Choosing photos of Buffalo Calves is a little like choosing photos of your grandchildren - it's hard to delete any! I hope you enjoy these photos of the prairie's newest arrivals, along with their sweet moms! jill


There are almost no artificial lights on this ranch. We don’t find them comforting. In fact, we on the Cheyenne River Buffalo Ranch love the darkness of natural night and embrace it as an element of nature as essential as grass at our feet, wind in our faces, or the sound of coyotes from four directions. It is Dark Skies week around the world...

Poetry Contest 2022

It's National Poetry Month, so it's time to bring out your inner poet for our annual Free-Style Poetry Contest! And... this year we are offering three prizes! Here's how our contest works: Submit your original poem in the comment section below by noon, Wednesday April 27th.

Buffalo, River Crossings & Grasslands

In the fall of 2003 we moved our buffalo onto the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands for the first time, after 125 years of their absence. Even though we have repeated this every year since, it never gets old or looses it's emotion. 

The BS Of Our Food Supply

Recently the New York Times released a three-part video series titled “We’re Cooked”. If you didn’t see it, the links to the series and other articles that we reviewed for reference are located at the bottom of this post.  Here are some highlights.
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