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Wild Idea Buffalo Blog

January 05, 2005

On this quiet, chilly, but snowless afternoon…

On this quiet, chilly, but snowless afternoon I started thinking about a part of this ranch’s life that I don’t often write about. Houseguests. We have frequently had houseguests here, and they have done a little bit of almost everything there is to do at the ranch. Our houseguests generally have been: family, friends, business acquaintances (including writers, musicians, photographers, environmentalists, botanists, customer/clients, occasional vacationers, and a hunter or two). Some visitors have just come by, out of interest and curiosity, to see the buffalo, the ranch, and what we do. We try, as much as we can, to show them as much of the ranch workings as they have wanted to see. And we can almost always provide a beer or a glass of wine, a cup of coffee or a bottle of water to accompany a tour.

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December 28, 2000

Where the Buffalo Roam, A Controversy Over Meat

By Stephanie Simon
LA Times

While many ranchers pen bison in feedlots before slaughter, free-range advocates hope to create market for steaks with sass.

WHITEWOOD, S.D.-The buffalo bunch up on the ranch out here, big and very dark against the flat forever of the sky. They rip at the prairie grass. They call to one another in a dusky purr.

Dan O’Brien watches, content.

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