2019 Dog Days Of Summer Photo Contest Winners!

The judges have deliberated and the results are in! The top three winners selected from the images that received the most likes are... drum roll please...

Allyson Perkins DeCanio & her dog Cannon! 

Dog Photo

Allyson & Cannon will receive the following prize: 

10 - 1 lb. pkgs. Ground Buffalo Pet Food 
5 - 2 lb. pkgs. Meaty Buffalo Bones
 2 - 4 oz. pkgs. of Buffalo Pet Jerky
 2 - 5 oz. Petite Tenderloin Filets 
A $228.25 value + Free Shipping! Congratulations!

Lori-ann Kellett & her dog Nikita
Lori-ann & Nikita will receive the following prize:

   2 - 1 lb. pkgs. Ground Buffalo Pet Food
4 - 4 oz. pkgs. Buffalo Pet Jerky
A $61.90 value + Free Shipping! Congratulations! 

Wendy Wyatt & the PackWendy & Friends will receive the following prize: 

A $20.00 Wild Idea Gift Certificate! Congratulations!

Plus this year we also selected three of our favorite photos, all of whom
will receive a free package of Pet Bites with their next order!
Congratulations to the following winners!

Rick Bear O'Connell & Reef the Wonder Dog

Carla Whaley & Sam the Terrier

Melissa White & Nacho the Boxer

 A big thank you to all of you who entered and shared your fabulous photos of your
four-legged friends! 

And... it's not to early to be snapping those photos for 2020's Dog Days of Summer Photo Contest! 


  • Posted on by Lori-ann Kellett

    I’m so happy for my Nikita to win 2nd place! That photo of her is one of my many favorites, but I submitted it because I love how the sun is shining on her, bringing out the golden color of her fur, and her expression – like she is looking for the next wave to chase. When the beach has cleared out of most people, then I let her off leash so she can run and play freely (but she still stays near me, of course).

    She will enjoy her treats for sure and I will certainly have to make sure to save new favorite photos of her so I can choose one to submit next year!

    I also enjoyed scrolling through the photos everyone else submitted too – Liked/Loved many of them! You all had a tough decision to make, that’s for sure!

  • Posted on by Tom

    Gotta Love It…!

  • Posted on by Allyson DeCanio

    OMG! I’m so thrilled! Cannon is a great dog, and he has 4 canine siblings with whom he will share his prizes! One of our other dogs, Sailor, won honorable mention last year. Since we run a nonprofit horse rescue (The Pegasus Project in Texas), we always have our phones ready for great photos. Thank you, Wild Idea! We love you guys. ❤️❤️

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