Water Affects


This years rainfall finally came in early May, alleviating our drought worries that had started to settle in. The rain continued to come and come. This is a good problem to have when you are a grass farmer/buffalo rancher, as the grasses will be in good supply for all the native species that rely on them for grazing for months to come.

The abundant rainfall does not come without its effects; like flooded roads, washed-out dams, and fences blown out or covered in debris from the river swells.

When the excess surface water dries up the repairs begin. For us, the main repair is fencing, a lot of fencing, which means extra, needed help. Our good friend Gervase Hittle came to the rescue.

The guys work in the hot, humid days when time allows. A catered lunch is often required to keep up their strength, and they welcome recipe testing’s. The Beer Bottle Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Buffalo Burgers were a big hit! And, the cold beer at the days end was welcomed too.

The thunderstorms continue to move in and out, creating beautiful skies and landscape. The wild flowers sprinkle the pastures with colorful dots of purple, yellow, and white, reflecting the colors of the sky.

And, the prairie dogs stay busy mowing their green prairie lawn to keep a close eye out for predators, which the buffalo assist with as they pass through. A pretty glorious site!

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