Baby Buffalo!

With spring's arrival comes once again, a brand-new batch of baby buffaloes!

Here's a few photos of the new golden calves with their dear mums - we hope it brightens your day! 

Bison Calf & Cow

Baby Buffalo

Buffalo Calf & CowBison Calf

New Born Bison Calf

Buffalo Calf

Bison Calf

Buffalo Calf & Cow

Buffalo Calf & Cow

Bison Calf

Bison Calf & Cow

Buffalo Calf

Photo Credit: Jill O'Brien

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  • It’s not offend that I sit down and write a letter to a company, especially these days, covid, civil unrest, misinformation spread out like a wild fire over a sea of lies. It’s hard to feel any trust even when you shake a hand of someone that says “You can trust me on this” the hair on the back of neck raises up with suspicion. Maybe it’s just old age that’s kickin’ in?
    But anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your hard work, your dream, insight and of course your buffalo.
    Please continue to follow your bliss whatever that means to you and yours.
    Ronny B.

    Ronald Boysen
  • Jill, it’s rebirth!!! The best positive picture we out here in WA have seen for three months. Thank God for his faith and you for the pictures.

    Barbara Bartak
  • These pics bring back wonderful memories from 1973: Just sitting (parked) and watching a herd in the late spring In western South Dakota with my beloved.

    maggi heffernan
  • Keep up the great work. Truly a beautiful piece of the country. From the land, the animals and all the workers involved, it all looks like a top quality ran organization that produces a superior product.

  • I love place and concepts…I lived in black hills for ten years..I hope to see your place next year Can I visit?

    Carol Clover
  • really cool pics… and all the comments are really WOW…

    anna A poulin
  • I just love Wild Idea Buffalo…the Best meat around. Just picked up some more this morning at Natural Grocers here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Looking at the new babies, almost makes me want to go vegetarian, however, I know the way these beautiful creatures are raised is the right way. Thank you for doing such a good job.

    Priscilla DePetris
  • I love seeing the adorable babies! Thanks for the wonderful pictures. What a lovely Mother’s Day gift!

    Chrystie Adams
  • Baby Buffalo are the most beautiful creatures on this earth,i would love to hold one and cuddle it,if they would only stay that size, i would one 1 for a pet,you do a terrific job raising Buffalo,and i happy you do this,without you our beautiful Buffalo would be extinct. Thank you for raising our Buffalo and keeping them healthy

    Deborah Little Wolf Cieslewski
  • So beautiful! Mothers and babies! Happy Mother’s Day!

    Roxanne Fox
  • one thing stays the same . . . motherhood.
    my blessings to all as we travel together.

    Blake O'Quinn
  • Oh so cute. Thanks for the pictures. These days of wondering if we will ever get back to some normalcy—these little ones gives some hope.

    Linda DeLude
  • I want one! Or two………… Adoptions?

    Doyle & Susie Hughes
  • So sweet! This circle of life – a gentle reminder of renewal :)

    Liz Riffle
  • Momma’s don’t let your babies grow up to be …….🎵😃🎶🤸

    Bruce Green

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