Best Burger Ever!


Wild Idea’s “Buff Burgers” are perfect for the conscientious carnivore, that doesn’t want to compromise on taste. Or, maybe you just want to indulge in the best burger of your life! Watch our video to learn why our Buff Burgers" always get 5 STAR ratings!

If you’re still not convinced, here’s what some of our customer’s had to say about our “Buff Burgers”:

Bonnie on Aug 26,2019
Could not been anything better. Made hamburger stacks . Love it ❤️

Marti on Aug 20, 2019
The first time we ordered these I considered them a treat. After all I thought I can make my own just as easily. I was proven wrong on the first bite. These burgers are the best ever and after one meal you will never want to go back to plain old beef burgers. I love mine with Olive relish and Feta cheese.

Lauren on July 28, 2019
I have purchased ground buffalo in the past, and not one has compared to how GREAT Wild Idea is. The flavor and leanness are unmatched. HIGHLY RECOMMEND ordering from here!

Susan on Nov 13, 2018
Recently moved to North Carolina from rapid city
New friends " thought" they had tasted ordered burgers from wild idea so now they know what real buffalo tastes like!!!

Brent on Jan 26, 2018
I have been wanting to try buffalo meat for a while and came across your ad on FB and decided it was time to order some. I am glad I did. They came today and I thawed the burgers out and threw them on the grill and had the best burger I have had.

Etta on Jan 14, 2018
The seasoning in these burgers is wonderful. I've prepared them as burgers as well as putting in soup/stew. Fabulous!

Jackson on Sep 15, 2017
Just had these "Buff" burgers and what an amazing treat for your mouth! Just the right mix of spices to take an excellent bison burger over the top. I'll be ordering more for sure! This needs to be a keeper on your product listing!!!

Barry on Feb 09, 2017
Best hamburger I have ever had. The mouth was full of flavors. I had buffalo from Whole Foods and local butcher. Your product is in a different realm!

ORDER Today and get your "Buff" on!


  • Posted on by Jill O'Brien

    Jim & John – Thanks for your comments!

    John – I checked out the NYTimes Sloppy Joe recipe. It looks and sounds terrific, and the story that went with it was great too. Thank you for suggesting. I’m going to give it a whirl for our next family dinner.

    NYTimes link for any one interested:

    Cheers! jill

  • Posted on by JOHN PAYNE

    My bundle arrived yesterday.Promptly make Sloppy Joe’s from a NY Times recipe. Want it?
    Marvelous! Had another tonight. I’m hooked. Thank you Dan, Jill, Melissa, and your whole “herd”!

  • Posted on by Jim Berlin

    Your shipment arrived yesterday in perfect condition. I thawed out the Kippered Buffalo- WOW!! That was incredible. Can’t wait to try out all the other items in the bundle that I purchased.You have a new loyal customer.

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