Build Your Best Burger Winners!


This past May, in honor of National Burger Month, we encouraged our Wild customers to build their best burger and the results are in...

collage of build your best burger winners

Most Creative
 goes to Wendy W. and her 12-year old daughter who channeled their creative juices winning a prize valued at $239.80!

Best Photo
 was snapped by Gary K. for a winning prize valued at $159.90!

Most Liked Photo
 was given the thumbs up to Christy D. who landed herself a $50.00 Gift Certificate for winning from the top three images with the most likes!

Thanks so much to all who participated - you all really stacked up to one of our juiciest challenges!



  • Posted on by jill

    Per Request: Here are the recipes:

    Most Creative: From Wendy W.
    “This burger was created by a 12-year old customer. Here we have a juicy medium rare buffalo burger stuffed with raw milk gruyere cheese. The burger meat itself contains salt and pepper, onion and garlic powder, fresh jalapeño, cayenne, cumin, smoked paprika, fresh chives, and crumbled crispy buffalo bacon. This scrumptious, gooey, cheesy burger is stacked on a toasted pretzel roll. The bottom layers are a slice of farm fresh heirloom tomato, hass avocado slices, and farm fresh red mizuna greens for a crunchy mustard-like punch. The burger itself is topped with a sharp gruyere cheese sauce, which helps to anchor crispy buffalo bacon and crispy pan-fried sopressata for a delightful crunch. On top of this is a lovely mango salsa with red onion, jalapeños, cilantro micro greens, rainbow micro greens, and a touch of lime juice.

    Best Photo: From Gary K.
    This French Hamburger Bun holds a tropical twist with fresh pineapple juice added to the burger. The bun is enhanced with pineapple aioli. Havarti jalapeño cheese is melted between slices of grilled pineapple. A tropical flavor boost is added with mango-pineapple-green onion-red jalapeño fresh salsa. Fresh lettuce added for a veggie crunch.

    Most Like out of top photos with most likes: From Christy D.
    I’m a little late to the game, but here’s my Wild Idea Buffalo Co. burger creation…The Basil “Nomato” Meatball Parm. This burger is gluten free/nightshade free and keto friendly. Despite restrictions, food should never lack flavor! Start with ground buffalo & liver blend, add italian seasoning to your liking, form burger around a chunk of buffalo cheese, then dip in egg, and pork rind breadcrumbs (trust me-do it!) before baking. GF bun is made with mozzarella & parmesan cheeses, basil and a farm fresh egg. Generously spread Basil “nomato” sauce across bun, topped with fresh basil leaves. Served with a side of mushroom fries and pesto.

  • Posted on by Suzanne Core

    I agree with Theresa! I would LOVE to know what is in each of these fabulous looking burgers! I may have to switch from the 4-oz patties that suit me so well!

    This was a great contest!!!

  • Posted on by Theresa L Anderson


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