Celebrating Native American Day

Our community is rich in Native American culture and history. Every year they dress in traditional regalia, and bring their music and dance to the streets of Rapid City, for our community's annual Native American Day parade. Wild Idea Buffalo Co. has participated over the years. Our "this year entry" was for the Rez Car competition, with our ranch tour outfit, "The Zeburban". We didn't place, but we had a lot of fun sharing in the day. Here are a few photos of the faces of Lakota Country and our crew with our entry. 

Native American Day Parade

Native american Veterans

Native American Girls

Native American Day Parade

Native Dancer

Native American Faces

Fancy DancersLakota Women & Children

Lakota Children

Lakota Sioux Dancer

Lakota Princess

Wild idea Buffalo Co. Staff

Rez Car

Wild idea Staff

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  • I Love Rapid City!! I especially loved all the Native American culture all around! When we visited, I felt I was home!! Have missed this town ever since. Planning on returning to Rapid City in 2018….cannot wait!! Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos.

    Denise Smith
  • I find it encouraging to see Native Americans celebrating a culture we (immigrant Europeans) tried so hard to destroy. Rapid City, Wambli, Lakota Sioux remind me of “In the Spirit of Crazy Horse” and by extension “The Contract Surgeon.” Good for you guys to participate enthusiastically!

  • Wonderful! Our local Indians should do the same. I will suggest it.
    Congratulations on your parade!

    Lillian Ackerman
  • Thanks for the pictures~~ It must have been a beautiful day.

    Sandra Dean
  • What beautiful pictures. I love how colorful Native American Celebrations are!

    Julie Jensen
  • Thank you so much for the great photos.Looks like everyone had a nice time..Enjoyed seeing the colors displayed on so many shots.True Americans…God Bless…

    Marcel Durand
  • Great to see the “Zeburban”!!

    Maureen Kelsen
  • Beautiful pictures! Happy Native American Day!

    Liz Beckmann
  • Happy Native American Day and thank you for sharing the celebration with us and for the bison.

  • Beautiful costumes. And “HAND SALUTE” to the veterans!

    Scott Stroman
  • Great pictures. Thanks for posting them . We love Wild Idea products.

    Rosa Jones
  • Looks like a wonderful celebration !

    Lumina Greenway
  • Lovely!! I just finished (sobbing) the contract Surgeon and started The Indian Agent. This sounds weird, but I find them startlingly wonderful.

    Jane Burns
  • HAPPY Native American Day.
    Keep on keeping on.

  • Thank you for supporting Native American Day!


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