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Occasionally, we receive requests for prints of my photography. Because art is subjective to the eye of the beholder, I have been reluctant (and a bit insecure) to make a selection. With some persistence from the staff, I humbly offer the following. I have posted them here for better viewing along with a brief description. There is an order link at the end of each description, or you can find them all on our shop page, here

Bison Horn & BirdsFREE RIDER 20x16, printed on satin paper. A starling catches a free ride on the buffalo's back while dining on insects. I personally love the detail of the starling's feathers, buffalo fur and horns. I got lucky with this vivid shot. Order Print

Buffalo SunriseBUFFALO SUNRISE 20x12, printed on satin paper. It is a special morning when you can wake up to a sight like this. It's always a "wow" moment for me and I feel fortunate to be a witness. Order Print.

Buffalo BirdsBUFFALO BIRDS 30x18, printed on matte paper or available as a 30x20 canvas wrap. The buffalo bird (aka cowbird) follow the buffalo herds, eating the bugs and insects along the way. A good example of how nature works together in balance. Order Print.  

Feather & LeafHOLDING ON 24x16, printed on satin paper. I was out stalking wildlife and not having much luck. Walking back to my jeep, this caught my eye and took my breath away. The prairie landscape can be a rough and tumble place but holds within it fragile beauty. 2020 has us all holding on... it seemed like a good title. Order Print

Bison on the PrairieMOVING THROUGH GRASS 30x20, printed on matte paper or available as a canvas wrap. To see a herd of bison move through the grass in the golden hour is an unforgettable sight. To hear them, makes it extra special. Order Print.

Buffalo StormBUFFALO STORM 16x8, printed on matte paper. The prairie sky can be full of drama with ominous fronts moving in without notice. It makes for great picture taking as long as you are close to cover! Order Print

Running BisonAMERICA'S FIRST FAST FOOD 36x12, printed on satin paper. Not using auto focus when your subject matter is running 30 miles per hour can sometimes produce art. Love the fluidity of movement that the distortion creates. I gifted this piece and it does look great blown up on a wall. Note: black border was added for website contrast. Order Print.

Buffalo WatercolorMOON OVER BUFFALO 48x24, printed on matte paper. This is a composition of two photos layered that I pixelated to create a watercolor feel. The main image was of the moon and landscape that I captured on an early morning. The kind of moon that lights up the prairie in pastel softness and makes one stop their car and utter words of awe. The second was the buffalo at dusk silhouetted against the setting sun on the same landscape. I have this image in my house and it looks great (if I do say so myself). 😉 Order Print

Country Roads160TH AVENUE 26x20, printed on satin paper. 160th Avenue, is an avenue less traveled. It's also the country road that takes me home, and I'm always delighted by what it will show me on every one of my travels. Order Print

Bison on the Prairie HOME 24x12, printed on matte paper. This view can be seen from my studio, and yes, I am a lucky girl. This shot was taken after days of smoke from afar wildfires had finally lifted. I was out for a run and as I headed back, this is what I saw. I about busted a lung racing home for my camera. Order Print.

Buffalo at SunsetBUFFALO SUNSET 24x15, printed on satin paper. I love shooting into the light because of what it can illuminate. In this case, I was struck not only by the buffalo in the golden light but also by the cobwebs that glistened in the grass. Order Print.

The American BuffaloTHE AMERICAN BUFFALO  25X16, printed on satin paper. Many think that buffalo are dangerous beasts, and although one should respect their size and wildness, when allowed to be and behave like buffalo, they are quite docile. The golden light catches the elegant softness of this bison cow. It is also the female that leads the herd. Order Print

Buffalo in WinterWINTER COATS 20x16, printed on satin paper or available as a canvas wrap. A buffalo's winter coat protects them against the harsh winter temperatures and elements. The only one that was uncomfortable while taking this shot was me. Order Print.

Wholly VerbenaWHOLLY VERBENA 20x16, printed on satin or available as a canvas wrap. To see many prairie wildflowers, one must walk it. But there are a few that really stand out, and Wholly Verbena is one of them as animals do not eat this flower because it's poisonous to them. The Natives however, used the roots and leaves for medicinal purposes. Pretty things can make things better. Order Print.

Bison on Summer PastureSUMMER EQUINOX 24x12, printed on satin or matte paper. Buffalo are big balls of brown fur and capturing the detail of their features is difficult for me. The light must be angled just right. If you are patient, it will come. Order Print.

Bison TexturesTEXTURES 30x20, printed on matte paper or available as a canvas wrap. When out doing ranch work, such as gathering buffalo that had escaped, I am discouraged from bringing my camera. On this foggy spring morning, while out gathering the buffalo, I tucked it inside my bulky coat. I was positioned low and the buffalo were high on the dike of a stock dam. They stood out majestically against the washed out sky. I couldn't help myself. In this image I feel like you can almost stick your hand in the center of the photo and feel the varied textures. Note, the black border is not visible on print. Order Print

The Return of the BisonTHE RETURN OF THE BUFFALO 30x18, printed on matte paper. This image represents our efforts in regenerating the prairie by bringing back the buffalo and fills me with great pride. The miles of prairie grassland you see beyond, is their home. They are the Native gardeners of the prairie. Order Print

Bison Occasional Cards
- And, our set of 12 Occasional Cards are back in stock. I find it so helpful to have cards on hand that can be used for any occasion, or just to let someone know you are thinking of them. Order Cards


  • Posted on by Gerald Carl

    Thank you for your rapid response Cori. My experience with “Wild Idea Buffalo Company” has been very gratifying. I am excited and pleased when a South Dakota business can be successful and environmentally based.
    My plans are to give the “America’s First Fast Food”, print, which is being framed now, to my son for his 63rd birthday. My hope is that he will mount it under his bull Buffalo mount.

  • Posted on by Jill

    First, thank you all for your kind supportive comments. Secondly, to Carol – I really like this idea…how to do not so sure? I will connect directly to work through. And thirdly to Ann, calendar coming in 2022! :) I just could get to it this year. Thanks again.

  • Posted on by Ann


    This would make a fantastic calendar !

  • Posted on by Dale Trottier

    These are Truly “Art from the Heart”! Very Kind & Much Appreciated is your Sharing of these Experiences from the Great Plains Prarie Grasslands portion of The Garden.

  • Posted on by Teresa

    Jill you have a gift for that perfect moment or perfect location. You capture it not only by camera but from your heart. It shows in every photograph. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful! You are so talented! Loved these!

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