Fall Colors On The Prairie

The prairie is dressed in its fall colors, from deep rich contrasts to soft pastels, it is truly a beautiful sight to behold. And, much like the prairie, the buffalo are changing too, putting on their fall coats and colors. Here are a few snapshots of our very lucky view! Enjoy and Happy Fall. Jill

Bison Bull in Fall

Buffalo in Fall Pasture

Buffalo Calf

Praire Landscape

Bison Calf

Bison on praire

Young Buffalo in Yarrow

Bison Herd on Prairie

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  • Great photos Jill! especially the yearlings.

    Kenneth James & Leslie Terry
  • great images; thanks for posting

    Gregg Siewert
  • Beautiful pics you and your family have a great day and God bless. Love your product.

    Bob Watland
  • It’s always a treat to see your pictures! Can never get too much of the rolling prairies to the north of me.

    Laurie Hamilton
  • The photos are beautiful and the buffalo look very happy and content.

    Nancy Breznay
  • Thank you for the pictures of beauty.

  • Gorgeous – as always, Jill. What an absolute visual treat! I love the calf, smelling the flowers – we should all take time, to do that. It’s a very engaging reminder. The very first photo is stunning – it’s such an apt depiction of Fall.

  • As a former resident of South Dakota, I’m always delighted to see pictures of the west river landscape, particularly when buffalo are included.

    Bob Hiatt
  • Bravo, les photos sont juste magnifiques!! Un grand plaisir pour les yeux.:-)

    Elisabeth Burnand
  • Be still my heart, such beauty.

    Jill Hammond
  • Jill, you captured the feel of fall on the prairie with your photos beautifully. You are very lucky to be able to grab your camera and head out to get such beautiful shots of such wonderful wide open spaces…especially striking with your grazing buffalo. Love the fall colors of the yellow Cottonwoods, purple asters, bleached colored grasses, browns of the buffalo, and of course the bluest of blue skies. Thanks for sharing your prairie and buffalo photos. I always look forward to seeing them! " Here’s to the fall, my favorite time of year!" Take care, Rhonda

    Rhonda Callahan
  • Thank you Jill. What beautiful photos! And timely too, since I am just sending Wild Idea’s web address to a new friend.

    Keith Lewis
  • The fall colors ARE exquisite. I was in SD last week for the “buffalo” roundup at Custer and the
    Volksmarch at Crazy Horse. We drove to Devils Tower through Spearfish Canyon and the yellow aspens were beautiful. I had hoped to stop at your retail store to thank you for your delicious meat, but we never made it back to Rapid in time. Going to Badlands, Wind Cave and Mt Rushmore were all day excursions. You are so blessed to live there.

    Janis Blimling
  • Awesome photos Jill. So enjoy them and your blog

    Bob York
  • Your last photo is one for history, Jill. You and Dan are extraordinary folks accomplishing an extraordinary life style.

    Eleanore Moe

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