Families First


September has always been a little stressful as a business owner. We have many requests for time off, with staff members trying to squeeze in the last of summer fun. It’s also back to school, with sporting practices or music lessons tacked on, adding extra for parents with children to juggle and making the first few weeks of the month a bit unpredictable. But this year, with the coronavirus pandemic still looming, it’s been, well - a real ****show.

We all wanted to hear the guidelines from the leaders of the country, state or school districts on the safest way forward. In addition, nerves were heightened with a growing number of COVID cases in our community due to the large gathering of events our state chose to host. This announcement arrived as reports of schools that had started up were closing down. Finally, a week before the first day of school, our school district announced the options; two days in class and two days virtual learning, or you could opt for just virtual learning, or homeschooling.

Most of our parents with children will be responsible for some type of in-home schooling. How does a parent do that while working and not wanting to risk losing their job? We have always been a “family comes first” business and certainly the children of our Wild Idea parents are all of our children. Their education and safety are paramount to all of our futures.

Our staff rely on their jobs to take care of their families, and we value their work and understand their priorities. So, we are making some changes, and our office hours are extended to what works for them (don’t be surprised if you receive an email at odd hours of the day), and we are working with the state inspectors to attain occasional extended hours in our plant. Rest assured, your calls will be answered and your orders handled swiftly.

We anticipate that this will all go smoothly, but if there is a bump along the way we hope you will understand and support us through these challenging times.

As always, we remain committed to our Wild Idea families, to you – our customers and to our standards of our greater mission of, returning the bison, while improving our home planet and our food supply.

Our Very Best to You All.

Dan & Jill


  • Posted on by Lucy Houser

    What a great idea! I don’t care if I get an email in the middle of the night, if that helps employees keep their jobs and keep the company moving along, and allows employees to home-school their kids. Brava!

  • Posted on by Linda C Nelson

    Bravo Wild Idea. As a regular customer, I appreciate your decision and am fully willing to be flexible. We are all in community, the Earth community and the people community.

  • Posted on by Blake O'Quinn

    whether you know it or not, every person on Planet Earth loves and appreciates everything you do for all of us. the pictures and short story of the children is stunning evidence for all the reasons why people are waking up to what WIB is all about.

    thank you for sharing those precious little ones.

    this is a link to a documentary I just finished watching, one that I know you guys will love. the title is The Need To Grow. it’s fantastic! this was in an email received from Food Revolution Network. please hurry and watch it . . . time sensitive.

  • Posted on by Laura Tabacca

    Just one more reason I love you guys.

  • Posted on by Chris and Kim

    Great approach Wild Idea! Family ALWAYS comes first, not only in these covid times either. It’s nice to see a business these days that does care for its employees and their families’ well being. You can never go wrong by doing the right thing. Thank you for continuing to be the reputable and upstanding company you are, not only with your product, but how you treat your employees (and the buffalo too!).
    Cheers from SC! – Chris and Kim.

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