Humane Field Harvest & Processing Video

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a million...

In past blog posts we have described and shown detailed images of our field harvest and processing facility, but we wanted to bring you in a bit closer for a full, transparent view.

Jill’s video will transport you to the prairie and will offer a front row seat to our humane field harvest and processing facility. Although this video shows both an animal being put down and the butchery process, it is beautiful and non-offensive.

At Wild Idea Buffalo Co. we believe that it is our responsibility to know where your food comes from, how it is raised and how it dies. By making the earth, animal, human connection, we begin to understand that it is all one, and that caring for one is caring for all. As Dan often says, "It is a prairie communion, that nourishes the earth, the eco-system and us." 

We hope our film educates and brings you closer to real food. 

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  • Compassionately done with conscious and heartfelt attention at every level. A true ceremonial giving and taking in blessings to earth and animal. What do you do with the buffalo fur?? Is it given away, made into rugs, clothes?

    Rich Sims
  • The whole thing was very revealing. Did you notice how the Bison were not afraid. There was no chasing as one would imagine. I suppose that is part of the ritual, not to cause anxiety to the animal. I’m touched by this video in more ways than one.

    Otto Astorga
  • Bravo, je regarde avec admiration votre travail depuis des années et je souhaiterais vivement, en France, que nous fassions comme vous.
    Amitiés de Laurence, de France , Val d’Oise, près de Paris.

    Aumeunier Laurence
  • Impressive! A true honor to the land, the bison, and all the people that are a part of getting healthy meat to customers. Thank you!

    Anne K
  • A co-worker asked me what sort of meals I eat at home just getting to know each other. I was able to answer in a manner he surely couldn’t have anticipated. I will send him this video and share a cut from our recent order. He’s in for a treat; I hope he understands the full import of what you all do for our country. Your grass roots are very much appreciated here in New Hampshire.

    Vernon Cross
  • Thank you for all that you do

    Joyce Cross
  • The care you put into raising the Buffalo/Bison and obtaining the meat demonstrated in your video exceeded my expectation. It gives me comfort knowing that we do not need to fear extinction of this spectacular species. There is no better tasting meat for me. I always say that there’s a reason why the buffalo almost became extinct and that’s because it tasted so good! Thanks for all you do for this animal and for consumers, too!

    Beverley Keele
  • Calm, clean, and honorable to the buffalo, the earth, and the people. I doesn’t get any better than this.

    Siggy Palmer
  • As always I am touched by the respect and honor paid to the Buffalo. We have read almost all of your books including how you started Wild Idea and the respect you have shown the Buffalo and the land. I am grateful to be able to support a truly caring and respectful business. Keep up the good work..

    Patti Cole
  • Sure wish we had access to this type of harvesting here in Maine. So much more humane.

    Penny Gray
  • Thank you for sharing! What tremendous respect!

    Kathleen P Jankowski
  • So appreciate the work you do for the Great Plains, and for the Bison. Thank you.

    Bruce Bartholow, native of SD
  • Well done video and a clear demonstration of the artisans at work from the initial shot to the final cut. Thank you for the transparency in what you do. It is exactly as I remember from my visit last summer. Well done WIB family.

    Chris from South Carolina
  • Thank You! Thank You for bringing sage to the harvest ceremony! It brings tears to my eyes to see such holy holy vibration brought to the food on my table and the tables of all of us whom love and support you so very very much!! !

    Bless You and all the souls whom serve the Buffalo Nation!

    Donna, Two Moons

    Donna Hohman
  • The harvest ritual is so impressive. Your commitment to both animals and the land is a prime example of healthy ranching. I applaud you.
    I was also impressed by seeing the factory workers. Thank you very much for showing that side too. I would also like to see the story of how the local Native Americans are involved. Is there a video on that existing?
    Best regards.

    Maureen Kelsen

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