Humane Field Harvest & Processing Video

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a million...

In past blog posts we have described and shown detailed images of our field harvest and processing facility, but we wanted to bring you in a bit closer for a full, transparent view.

Jill’s video will transport you to the prairie and will offer a front row seat to our humane field harvest and processing facility. Although this video shows both an animal being put down and the butchery process, it is beautiful and non-offensive.

At Wild Idea Buffalo Co. we believe that it is our responsibility to know where your food comes from, how it is raised and how it dies. By making the earth, animal, human connection, we begin to understand that it is all one, and that caring for one is caring for all. As Dan often says, "It is a prairie communion, that nourishes the earth, the eco-system and us." 

We hope our film educates and brings you closer to real food. 

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  • your devotion to a simple, instinctive business model carries along with it an abundance of healthy outcomes and it shows. this is the reason I’m thankful for your commitment to this natural and sustainable approach and, of course, the extensive labor involved by all at Wild Idea to bring about such widespread wholesome results for our benefit. thank you.

    great video, Jill.

    Blake O'Quinn
  • Thank you for the time, care and added expense you go through to care for and process these magnificent creatures.
    Thank you.

    Gilda Doganiero
  • Very humane no stress to the buffalo/Bison/ Keep up the great work

    Robert Mahoney
  • I appreciate that you didn’t show EVERYTHING. This video was very tastefully done, I think even children could watch this, in fact it could be an great educational tool to see how this can be done respectfully. Thanks for putting this together.

    P. Wefald
  • Thank you for being so upfront with us and respectful to these beautiful creatures. We have enjoyed the products for a couple years now and constantly pursue humane, environmentally friendly sources such as yours.

    Laura Davison
  • Happy to see the Oxtail … my favorite part :-)

  • Thank you for sharing this video of the process with us. We so much appreciate what you do and how you do it! That is a broad statement, but you can fill in the blanks and know you are appreciated!

    Jerry and Norma Reynolds
  • WOW, what a great video. Wonder whay other companies would put their process on display, like this?

    Bill Day (North Georgia Mountains)
  • That was beautiful!! Thank you so much. . .

    Anne Clare
  • Thank you for the respect and honor you give to the buffalo—and for working so hard to bring health back to the Great Plains. You set a fine example for the rest of us.

    Chuck Beatty
  • Bonjour de France,
    Je vous felicite pour la sauvegarde de ces magnifiques animaux, et pour le professionnalisme ET l’humanite dont vous faites preuve pour l’abattage de ces bisons. Dommage que je sois trop loin pour pouvoir profiter de cette viande qui door etre savoureuse. Cordialement.

    jean-marie VIRANTIN
  • So well done. Thanks for letting us into the whole process. It just reinforces all the positive thoughts and feelings I have had all along about what you are doing at Wild Idea.

    Linda Clark
  • Outstanding work!

    Howard MI haber
  • Incredible! As I write a blog post about your process, I decided to check on some facts about your practice and this post came up! Straight out of the field! still warm! Very nice! I would have chosen a different sound track but the images are great! I became a fan for life and I can’t stop talking about this company.


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