Meet Wild Idea's Wild Women

At Wild Idea Buffalo Co. (WIBC), we believe in empowering everyone, and that includes our hardworking and multi-talented Wild Women! From mechanics to meat cutters, sausage makers, and butchers to shippers, packagers and sales to bookkeepers, marketers, an owner and general manager - the Wild Women of WIBC can do it all and then some!

wild women collage

So, here are the faces, some serious (and some not so much 🤪) of the Wild Women who play vital roles in the important work of Wild Idea Buffalo Co.!

jilian jones
Jilian Jones - General Manager

emma iverson
Emma Iverson - Artisan Meat Cutter

melissa kogel Melissa Kogel - Sales Manager

kayla lassle Kayla Lassle - Further Processing Supervisor

heather wilkinson imageHeather Wilkinson - Marketing Assistant

melissa barker imageMelissa Barker - Shipping Supervisor

drew nelson imageDrew Nelson - Sales Associate

cori degeest imageCori DeGeest - Sales Supervisor

jean osbornJean Osborne - Operations Manager

jill o'brien imageJill O'Brien - Co-CEO/Creative Content

By purchasing our products, you’re not only supporting an improved food system, environmental stewardship and sustainability, but you’re also supporting and uplifting the Wild Women of Wild Idea Buffalo Co., and for that, we thank you.

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  • Dearest, ‘Creative Consultant’ ~ Can we hope to see a “WW of WIBC Tattoo Portrait”…………. next? BUFF-ON!

    Doyle Hughes
  • Great bunch of women, happy that they work at Wild Idea Buffalo,and their hard workers who enjoy their job!

  • Jill, you sure are a messy eater!! Y’all have a great day today, cheers!

    Mark Moench
  • Thanks for highlighting these beautiful, talented women!

    Joyce Cross
  • Tomorrow, Mar 8, is the International Day of the Woman! Wild Idea has rounded up the best of the world!!!

    Phyllis Kerr
  • Nothing like a group of beautiful ladies all with with a great sense of humor selling a quality product that does our planet good.

    Gary Kaiser
  • Not all successful people have a good sense of humor. Looks like the Wild Women have it all!

    Janette Hall
  • Beautiful group of strong women

  • Now that’s a “REAL BEVY OF WIBC BEAUTIES” ! Is, Melissa giving birth? That’s crazy job dedication! lol BUFF-ON, Doyle

    Doyle Hughes
  • Thanks Wild Women for all you do to bring the best humanely and sustainably raised bison to our table.

    Howard Lieberman
  • Behind every powerful man is a more powerful woman.

  • All Great powerful BEAUTIFUL WOMEN Have a GREAT weekend Ladies, Cyn

    Cynthia A Dydak
  • Love it! Thanks for highlighting the women who make Wild Idea work!

    D Brockway
  • I love this! Looks like a group of great women. Thanks for all you do to keep WIBC running.

  • It’s great to see the people who I talk to on the phone. If I ever get out there to take a tour maybe I’ll be able to meet some of you in person!
    Mike Prouty

    Mike Prouty

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