National Bison Day

Today we celebrate our iconic National Mammal, the American Bison. This majestic animal represents freedom, wildness and tenacity and helps us find our own. We hope you enjoy our fall  photo collection. 

The American Bison

 Buffalo  Birds

Bull Bison

Harvest Moon through Buffalo

Bison Herd

Bull and Cow Buffalo

Buffalo Running

Buffalo at Sunrise

Photographs by Jill O'Brien

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  • Saw the U.S. News and World Report’s ranking of the states recently and noted South Dakota is ranked 2nd under the category of Nature and Ecology. Wild Idea Bison surely counts for much of that well-earned status. Keep it up and the herds will make it number one in a few years.

    Vernon Cross
  • Beautiful photos.

  • Beautiful pictures. The symbols of the prairie and the Wonderful West.

  • Buffalo are my favorite of all wildlife.
    Thank you for the pictures!!

    Valerie Dodge
  • Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing, Jill!

    Liz Aicher
  • Great pics thanks

  • My favorite animal! Thanks for the beautiful photos.

  • I had seen a herd of Buffalo, one hundred and twenty-nine of them, come out of the morning mist under a copper sky, one by one, as if the dark and massive, iron-like animals with the mighty horizontally swung horns were not approaching, but were being created before my eyes and sent out as they were finished.
    Isak Dinesen
    Thank you for all you do. The best quality products: exudes nature in every bite.

    Bobbie Spiegelman
  • Nice photos of a great animal. Thank you for sharing.

    Carol Patton
  • Great photos!

  • THE best source for bison meat! ENJOY!

  • Beautiful! I can’t wait to return. In September 2020, I hope. I was so disappointed not to be with my group this past September. Again, thank you for welcoming my Grenoble Uiad students and sharing your Wild Idea with them. Now that their English classes have started up again, they are telling the other students what an amazing experience they had. I’ve sent a few of your blog videos to all my groups. So nice to get your message-video, Jilian. Keep up the great job.
    Have a good winter.
    My best,

    Jane Baile
  • In the Nature is the Buffalo , so the Buffalo is the Nature … too bad for the man who forgets that he his himself … the Nature

    Jean Luc Heraud
  • Thank you! Fantastic photos!

  • Beautiful sunset and nice size herd

    Jean Drodge

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