National Bison Month

This month is National Bison Month! Here are a few snapshots taken over the last few weeks of our herd roaming the summer prairie! 

Bison Herd

Wild Idea Buffalo Co. Bison Herd

Buffalo Cows Fighting

Wild idea Buffalo co. Bison Herd

Buffalo Cows with calves

Buffalo bulls

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  • Great photo captures as always Jill, You might consider hosting a photo encampment bivouac opportunity with Mounted and dismounted Living History folks for foreground subjects. Our Robidoux artist’s camp went over really well in Delta CO in May of this year.

    I would be happy to introduce you to the hosts and organizers of that event. They can explain its purpose and feedback.

    Kenneth James & Leslie Terry
  • Always such a pleasure to watch for your photo blog. Beautiful pictures keep posting and keep up the good work.

    Patti Cole
  • Stunning Pictures!! …..!!!!!😊🤠
    You are certainly on a wonderful Mission to preserve and bring back the Buffalo our life time….!!!!
    John Collier

    John Collier
  • Great pics. Have a great day may God bless you and yours.

    Bob Watland
  • Lovely such peace on the plains. Wish to have seen them when there were fifty million

    Howard filer
  • Great moving pictures Jill. I’ve just finished to read Dan’s Wild Idea. Congratulations for your work. Hello from France to Dan and Jillian

    Jean-Charles Neel
  • My all time favorite animal. Great photos and it’s especially nice this year with all the rain. Thanks so much. Hope to visit soon.

    Paul Anderson
  • Very nice photos Jill. I love shooting photos of buffalo. I have a number of photos and paintings of this beautiful mammal. They are truly majestic and full of power.

    Thank you

    Michael Bautista
  • It does my heart good to see the luxurious grass that is growing on the
    prairie all because of your family’s efforts.

    Thank you

    Janis l Fitschen
  • Thank you, Jill – beautiful pictures; beautiful animals and land and sky. And thank you all for your good work in helping to restore the Great Plains.

    Thomas Carr
  • the healthy fields, the healthy buffalo . . . big smiles on our faces. thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures of the land, Jill.

  • Fantastic photos – make you feel as if you are right there on the prairie with them!

    Steven Glenn
  • Beautiful, thank you for posting!

    Natasha Thompson
  • Thank you, Jill. They remind me of my old home.

  • Great pictures Jill. The sky is mafnificent.

    Bill Day (North Georgia Mountains)

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