National Bison Month Photos

July is National Bison Month, and although we honor these majestic animals 365 days a year, our very own photog extraordinaire, Jill O’Brien has pulled together beautiful photos taken on the full bloom South Dakota prairie that highlights the greatness of our National Mammal. Enjoy!



Bison herd

Buffalo Calf


Bison Cow & Bull

Bison Herd at Sunset

Buffalo Bull


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  • Astonishing Awesome pictures! GOD`s creation as it`s best!

    Congratulations and keep up the great work!

    It was a lot of struggle for you, but heck doesn`t it all taste mighty sweet now?

    Just one thing, I`ve been on this site for about an hour now (enjoying every minute of it), but I didn`t see a picture of Curly Bill! Heck is Curly Bill still alive?

    Please post a picture of him or send it to my e-mail!
    By reading about him I kind of know him…heck I can even smell him!

    Thank you for bringing so much Natural Beauty and bringing back life not only for the buffaloes, but are all GOD`s creatures…even us humans!

    Claudio Pirovano
  • I would like to be a bison of yours. Galloping freely in those eternal prairies.

    Jane Carresse
  • Love the golden head rising over that hill…

    Roxanne Harrington
  • This are beautiful photo’s of Buffalo’s,the greatest creatures on earth.Being part Native American,these animals are part of our culture. I appreciate the fact that the owners of the Wild Buffalo Company take excellant care of these animals so they can exist in a area where they are safe, and away from hunters who kill Buffalo just for their skins.I love Buffalo meat,it’s healthy and this company makes the best Buffalo Jerky and meat choices. It’s nice to see the baby Buffalo’s roam free and enjoy prairie life. Many thanks to the owners’s of this beautiful ranch.

  • Beautiful pictures. What a majestic animal. I would love to one day see them in person. Thank you for all you guys do to raise these animals in a humane and sustainable way.

    Mike Savoie
  • What a great Ranch……………and the products as well…..we really enjoy them…….I am not in the habit of promoting business, but WOW, you guys did it RIGHT ! ! Can’t wait to visit maybe this fall ~ Erik and Kathy Somoroff Northeast Kingdom , Vermont

    Erik Somoroff
  • Beyond Gorgeous! Gives a city dweller like myself an inside “eye” to this magnificent animals . I so appreciate your camera skills and generosity to share your images with us. I tell anyone who stands still long enough what a great company your are and what great work you do not to mention the Buffalo Steaks we so enjoy and everything we buy from you….Thanks for being who you are!

    Patti Cole
  • I so admire your love and respect for these great beings.

  • Thank you for the pictures. I look for them always. Beautiful subjects

    Dave. Jakubs Sr.
  • 😍

    Janis Blimling
  • How many of these animals are on there on vs what’s controlled. They are magnificent animals

    Robert. Hamilton
  • I just watched the video on the field harvest. What a humane way to harvest the meat. It makes me proud to be part of the process as the consumer. I think you for all the work you do. Bison is the healthiest meat a person can eat. And so yummy!

    Kahti Harris

    Kathi Harris
  • Love the pictures!

    Kathi Harris
  • Bbeautiful, thank you so much❤😍❤

  • Absolute gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing them Jill. And thank you even more so for all you, Dan and the whole Wild Idea family are doing to restore the integrity of the amazing Great Plains!

    Chris and Kim

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