Nutrient Density in Grass-fed Meat


We hope you'll watch the below informative video about the health benefits of grass-fed buffalo meat. 


YouTube Video: Nutrient Density in Grass-fed Meat and Milk


According to Nutrition Scientist Dr. Stephan van Vliet, there are more than 1,000 compounds in our food matrix that impact human health. His research breaks up larger groups of nutrients into different types. It looks not just at vitamin B in a broad sense but at different types of B vitamins, some of which are more bioavailable for humans.

Dr. van Vliet's findings reinforce the difference between a monoculture (one or two types of plants) grass-fed diet and a diet with a rich variety of grasses: the greater the diversity in species of grass that grass-fed ruminants eat, the higher the concentration of beneficial compounds in their meat and milk. It's a much more nuanced look at the nutritional value of meat and milk.

The notes from the last slide of the presentation contain the major conclusions:

1. Differences in meat from different production systems (grain vs grass) go well beyond omega-3s (there is a 50-60 percent difference in the abundance of compounds when comparing the two).

2. Phytonutrients--terpenoids, phenols, carotenoids, and antioxidants--become concentrated in the meat and milk of animals finished on biodiverse pastures.

Buffalo in the prairie

3. Several of these phytochemicals may have anti-inflammatory, antioxidative, anticancer, brain-protective, antidiabetic, and antidepressant effects (though their importance in grass-fed meat and milk on disease risk in humans remains to be studied).

4. Grass-fed meat also accumulated more long-chain saturated fatty acids and various B vitamins and contains less advanced glycation products and homocysteine, which relates to a healthier animal (and more nutrient-dense meat).

In sum, these findings affirm what we already knew: grass-fed and grass-finished buffalo meat is better for you and the environment.

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