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We've been busy here at Wild Idea Buffalo Company - working on our latest Wild Idea! We love this new product and had great fun creating it! You're going to love the product too, and we hope you find it equally as fun! 

Shop the new product here:


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  • Loved the video!! Jill slammed the way I feel about your BISON!! Love it! Gave me an idea! My hubby liked it too!!

    Diane Perkins
  • These look like they would be really juicy. Can’t wait to place my order and try them. Love the video.

  • It’s so easy to see WHY so many people are choosing buffalo meat over beef (cattle) meat. However, it goes without saying, that the total costs (both the meat plus shipping) are EXCETIONS a Buff addic acepts with only passing displeasure? When I discovered how much better eatibng a Buff – burger was over any hanberger,I had to ‘Scrap and beg’ my wife to place another order. Me being a retired Marine, I live about as close to the bone as you can imagine? I don’t know if there’s any ‘Wiggle room’ for vets like me, but I’m ‘ALL EARS’ if you have such an arrangement. Semper Fi. and thank you. Chuck Whelchel, 5008 East Ave. R4, Palmdale, CA. 93552-3834.

    Chuck Whelchel, U. S. Mrine Corps, retired
  • Amazing! That buffalo burger looks incredible – love you, Jill and what you and the Wild Idea Buffalo family stands for. So blessed to call you a friend. Thank you for providing us all with such awesome products – I’m full of buffalove!

    Heather Wilkinson
  • I’m so sad to see you’re having so little fun running your business and creating your advertising. My heart goes out to you both. Sure wish you could find a way to have more fun. (Brilliant idea with the Buff Burger!)

    Michael O'Brien
  • Thanks for the early morning laugh. And for making me hungry!

    Kerry Montgomery
  • Love it! As a 20+ year WIB buff customer, I am pleased you are reaching out to a greater base with this ad. Personally, I will keep getting the one pound packs as, for two of us, they allow me greater flexibility in what I want to do… more frequently now two patties grilled and without the buns and frillings, but accompanied by lots of yummie fresh veggies, baby broccoli being especially this time of year, and avocados and persian cukes and arugula salad!!!

    Paul P
  • Hold the Mayo!!!

    Steven Tickes
  • Another reason to appreciate Wild Idea ideas and another reason we love Wild Idea bison. What fun you must have making fun and tantalizing commercials. I’m still smiling…

  • Great video guys! Just moved and haven’t ordered in a while but DAMN! now might be the time. Good for you Jill, lean meat > milk.

    Matthew Feehan
  • you two crack me up.

    gene hughes
  • This is going to sell a whole lot of Wild Idea Buffalo burgers. For a whole lot of good reasons. Keep these lean meats coming!

    Ken James
  • Funny ! I wish I could eat it also (but I cant, I live in France…) BUT I really hope you don’t really put ketchup and tube mayonnaise in it oh no, it is not good at all !!! make a real home made mayonnaise, it is so much better and healthier, and ketchup is too full of bad sugar !
    a french cook (desperate to taste buffalo !)

  • Love the bra! Where can I buy one? Hehehe

    Amy Bechtold
  • FYI: Burgers are perfectly pre-seasoned for you already. Just brush with a little olive oil and you are all set! Also – they are individually wrapped and come in a six-pack!

    Wild Idea

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