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We've been busy here at Wild Idea Buffalo Company - working on our latest Wild Idea! We love this new product and had great fun creating it! You're going to love the product too, and we hope you find it equally as fun! 

Shop the new product here:


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  • Great burger commercial!! Love the humor of “in the buff” – made me LOL
    I just read the burgers come individually wrapped – awesome!!
    Also need to try just olive oil & spices … yum!

    J Ledford
  • Leave it to Jill to make a simple burger sexy.

    Chuck Beatty
  • Now I’m hungry for a burger! Looks delicious!

  • Really enjoyed the burger but my wife was not too crazy about the “in the buff” but our guests thought it was pretty funny.

  • I sure wish you’d offer a package of 10 to 20 lbs of 1-lb ground premium pkgs that could be shipped for free as are your other packages. My freezer won’t hold that much ground along with a regular package of steaks, etc., but ground is what I use the most. But, to pay shipping as well as substantial per-lb cost makes it unjustifiable.

    janice babcock
  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the individually wrapped burgers! Thank you! Now I don’t have to thaw an entire pound to enjoy one GREAT burger! Keep the “wild” ideas coming!

  • YUM, YUM, YUM!! Burger looks fantastic! Cute video!! Placing an order this weekend!!

  • really….

    cindy burich
  • Interesting, I started to watch and was telling myself I am going to write it is a great idea but just do away with the bun and all the condiments…..seriously,….and then you did….
    Awesome, my favorite way to eat buffalo, ground, not patties, little olive oil and pepper and on the grill……
    But. I have always left my clothes on….

    Joe Massa
  • something was wrong with the video as I was not able to zoom out to a more revealing ‘fullscreen’ mode. maybe it was meant to just be an ‘idea’ and not a documentary.

    Ken Temple

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