Post Election Humor


No matter what your political preferences are, I think we can all agree that a good sense of humor is needed almost always. Enjoy the satire!

legalizing grass


  • Posted on by Capt. Clark

    Arrrrgh Matey!! Twas a Blessing to receive this!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS & BE SAFE!!

  • Posted on by Mary

    …and that’s no bull!… ;)

  • Posted on by Betsy

    I am from Michigan and have only seen Buffalo/bison in Yellowstone. I LOVE those magnificent beasts, and their looks alone lend themselves to humor and lightening the load of the last few weeks. Thanks for the pictures and the humor attached.

  • Posted on by Earl Roe

    Just introduced to your site via Carol Klein in MO. I’ll be back. I’d like to signup to receive future posts – we raised buffalo in Mi for 15 years.

  • Posted on by Sandra Dean

    Thank you I needed the laugh.

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