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In today’s automated world, quality customer service is hard to find and getting a “real human” to help you is even harder. As customer service goes, our Wild Idea Buffalo Company administrative, sales and shipping staff are a cut above. Not only do they believe in our greater mission of environmental sustainability, but they also care about the quality of our product and the quality of service you receive. Getting our product to you successfully is a layered process with many details.

Our sales associates are always ready to receive your orders online, by telephone, or email. They also assess how your product should be shippedcarefully reviewing the weight of product and the finale destination to calculate which carrier should be used. Then they assemble the printed materials to inform you about our product and to help you have  success cooking it. This is the same crew who field many phone callsanswering your questions about acreage per buffalo, the difference between cuts, cooking questions, to what happened to Curly Bill. It doesn’t end there. Although you receive a tracking number, our crew is tracking your packages daily and sometimes hourly, intercepting as needed to ensure a successful delivery. Much of the shipping process is out of our control, however, all orders are monitored until they arrive at your door. 

Our sales team works closely with our shipping crew, coordinating all the “special” notes on orders. Being a shipper for Wild Idea is not an easy job, with 50% of their time being spent inside of a freezer that is below zero and the other half packing mostly frozen meat and handling dry ice, which registers at -100°. With over 113 products to select from (of which 87 are frozen meat) each order is hand picked, before they are hand packed in our recycled, corrugated boxes with biodegradable non-GMO corn-based liners, which are also assembled by our staff.

With many of our products named and sized similarly, the potential for human error from sales to shipping looms with every task. The pressure to get it right is always with our team as these shipments are not shoes or breakfast cereal, there is no sending an order back. Finally the shipping labels are created. Again, the opportunity for error looms with many orders going to someone other than the purchasing customer or a purchase being shipped to a different address than a previous order. Details, so many details.    

At busy times it is all hands on deck with our admin/management duo jumping in and assisting where needed. They help with customer service, packing orders and creating shipping labelsall while keeping up with their own tasks. These two are the glue that keep all departments working together.

Although this may not seem particularly sophisticated, for the most part it runs like a fine oiled machine. This does not mean that we do not make mistakes, as we do - but they are rare and we will always try to make those wrongs right.

With that said, we would like to thank Jean, Jilian, Melissa, Cori, Lucas, Matt, Lydia and Rob (not pictured), for making our customer care top notch!

Here are just a few comments received from some of our customers.

From Elyse: "I have ordered 4 different orders over the past year and have not been disappointed. The orders have been correct, arrived promptly, and the customer service has been wonderful! And separately from the great customer serviceand products arriving promptly the meat is always high quality and incredibly delicious. I'm so glad I found Wild Idea Buffalo. Love, love, love!" 

From Nate: "I received my package today. Extra items just like you promised. All meats still frozen solid. I was amazed by your excellent follow up and service, and this incredible biodegradable foam insulated packing. And, you are spreading the word about it. Very generous of you and I appreciate your excellent business practices. I will be a customer for life. Thank you." p.s. "I also wanted to let you know I placed an order last week and talked to Cori on the phone. She did a fantastic job of handling the order and was very helpful."

From Lisa: "Thanks for shipping my order so professionally. Not a bit of thawing occurred. Brilliant of you! The steaks are delicious. I will recommend your company to friends. I ate the steaks three nights in a row to test my reaction to the shift in protein. It suits me completely. There is no heavy digestive aftermath. Congratulations for creating a superior and delicious product."

From Chris & Maren: "I looked on the Internet for free range buffalo and came across your website. I placed a test order past Monday, received it on Thursday here in Georgia and cooked our first meal today on Friday. The meat arrived still frozen, in the eco-friendly packaging, which is impressive by itself. Then we cooked the bacon wrapped BBQ bison meatloaf today, and it was the best we've ever had! The meat smelled so good already when we opened the package, and there was no grease on my hands when I meaded the meatloaf mix. And when it cooked, no water came out, and the only fat was from the bacon. The taste was superior! The best ever! We will be customers of yours from now on! The idea of harvesting the animals right there in the Prairie, is exceptional. That's what sold me! I don't like the thought of animals going through transport and slaughter houses, it's horrible!
But knowing that the meat we ate today was so clean, makes it even more delicious!
Thank you for what you provide!!"


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  • Yes, your staff is great! I called to ask about my previous order so I could get some of the same, which I did. They are so helpful and very nice!

  • Thanks to the crew, you all work for a great company providing a great product. I am sure Wil Idea appreciates hard working and conscientious employees such as yourselves, I know I do. Keep up the good work.

    David McCarthy
  • It is nice to see faces and to know We are talking to people not a machine.Your all a good looking bunch.

    Jean Sweet
  • Thanks to your entire staff for giving us, your customers, the epitome of healthy and delicious meat.
    I’ve trimmed my carnivore consumption to just buffalo, fish, and chicken.
    Wild Idea shapes what and how I eat.

    Jill Hammond
  • High fives to each and every one of you that makes possible getting a quality package at my front door in a timely manner! Hurra!

  • Reading the comments above substantiates why I/we have been Wild Idea believers and consumers from the start. I’ll keep on keepin’ on with Wild Idea and its mission.

    David Fleming
  • Top notch crew, so happy to finally get to see the folks who have done such a great job with my orders over the years.
    Great product and excellent staff.
    Thank you!

    Emil Stockton
  • Thanks for doing such a great job!

    Angela Anderson
  • Been ordering for several years and no matter if it’s over the phone or stopping in person, WIB has great customer service….that every company, large or small should take to heart and follow!

  • That’s a good looking bunch. How edifying, that they are also first-rate in job performance. I’m very proud, to have two grandchildren in this well-thought-of group. Sounds like really good team work.

  • Hello. My husband and I are big fans of Wild Idea!
    As an Occupational Safety & Health person, I couldn’t help but notice that the gloves your workers are using for handling dry ice might not be sufficiently protective. The best way to know if gloves are specifically tested and rated for conductive cold is to look for the EN 511 symbol – a snowflake inside a shield. These gloves are not significantly more expensive than other gloves, but they could save someone from painful frostbite. Let me know if you have any questions – I know you value your workforce!

    Belinda Thielen
  • What a great crew!

  • We received our first shipment – the charcuterie bundle and are thrilled with the quality and delectable taste of the meats. And a special thanks for the nice note and communications from Cori. It is a cherished rarity these days in the business world to be able to deal with such personable and customer friendly people. Thank you for that! Already looking forward to ordering our next bundle of delicious bison steaks!


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