Six reasons to shop with Wild Idea Buffalo Company on Small Business Saturday

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#1 - You support prairie conservation and prairie restoration, currently impacting over 185,000 acres.

Great Plains Prairie


#2 - You support species diversity by preserving prairie habitat.

Burrowing Owls


#3 - You support family ranches and help us employ 25 people.



#4 - You are supporting an improved food supply system by providing yourself, family, and friends with delicious, healthy, 100% grass-fed bison meat.

Bison Cuts


#5 - You want to help those less fortunate. Wild Idea Buffalo Company donates 10 holiday gift bundles each year to families or organizations in our community that are in need. Today only, for every 10 gift-bundles sold, we will give an additional bundle to those in need!

Wild Idea Gift Boxes

#6 - You appreciate a good deal. Save up to $23.00 on our gift bundles and receive free shipping! A total savings of up to $53.00! Not only will your friends and family thank you, but the prairie will thank you, the animals will thank you, we will thank you, and someone in need will thank you too!  At Wild Idea Buffalo Company our gift bundles are truly gifts that keep giving!



1 comment

  • Posted on by Brian Lambertz

    Love the work you do keep it up:)

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