South Dakota Artists

For our recent 20th Birthday celebration we displayed local pieces from South Dakota artists. We wanted to share the beauty with you! You can purchase pieces by contacting the artist.


"Land" by Angela Behrends
6’10” long
Raw canvas, needle felted artist’s hair

"Plain" by Angela Behrends 
Shadow box dimensions 18x22x3-inches 
Canvas, my hair, pigment 
“Plain” is something people call the Great Plains for all kinds of reasons. This composition could appear lonely in that context, but my heart soars when I see a buffalo on the prairie. To my mind, this is how it should be—plus millions more.

Wire Buffalo Skull - Angela Behrends
2.5' x 4'
Wire, Bison horn caps
Proceeds will be donated to Wambli Ska (White Eagle) Native Drum & Dance Group

"Peaceful Prairie Series" by Peggy Detmers
Bronze Bison Mounted on Marble
"Peaceful Prairie Patriarch" - $6800, 17"L X 10"H X 9"D
"Peaceful Prairie Slumber" - $995.00, 6"L X 3"H X 5"D
"Peaceful Prairie Matriarch" - $3200, 16"L X 7.5"H X 10"D
$10,500 if purchased together as a set.

"Buffy the Van Tire Slayer" by Joel Bielstein
Framed Photograph
Image Size 36" X 54" for $1225
Also available in 24" X 36" for $575

Buffalo Breastplate (Tatanka Wanapi) by Stan Hawkins
Made from buffalo ribs. Sinew was inserted with blue wooden beads. The middle is buffalo raw hide, with one large shell, and smaller shells with buffalo hair ties. Deer lace used for ties along the sides. There is various bones used to finish the piece.

The Shield (Wahachanka Kin) by Stan Hawkins
Buffalo raw hide is stretched over a willow frame. Red cloth is used to border the edges with buffalo hair in the center and horse hair locks and eagle feathers. The edges are painted black with silver dots. The painting in the middle depicts every thing you do eventually comes back to you.

"Buffalo Skull" by Jill Kokesh
24 inches x 36 inches
Acrylic and oil pastel, Canvas


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  • Thank you so much Dan and Jill for featuring our artworks! It is such a honor to be a part of your endeavors to improve the environment and provide the cleanest healthiest food possible!

    Peggy Detmers

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