The "Possible Burger®"


Possible burger

What if you knew you could have your burger and save the planet too…
At Wild Idea Buffalo Company, we want to be part of the solution, not the problem. That's why we are so excited to introduce the Possible Burger®! Like all of our other buffalo meat products, they too are good for the planet and good for you!

Regenerative Ranching, Working with Nature:
Regenerative Ranching

The American Buffalo, the native herbivore of the Great Plains prairies, are natural soil builders. They naturally regenerate and fertilize the soil as they graze, creating a healthy, nutrient-rich ground base for a banquet of grasses, forbs and sedges. Our Bison graze 356 days a year, much like they did over 160,000 years ago, which is necessary and essential to soil health. Learn more here.

Our Positive Climate Impact:
Wild Idea Buffalo Carbon Sequestration

This ancient, regenerative grazing practice keeps our prairie grasslands intact and is a natural carbon sink, sequestering more carbon than a rainforest. This means cleaner air for all that inhabit the earth, including you. Keeping carbon stored safely underground is critical in addressing the problem of climate change. Learn more here.

Responsible Animal Husbandry & Humane Field Harvest:
Harvest Trailer

Our large-landscape grazing model, with over 35 acres per animal, gives our bison room to roam, so they can be and behave like real bison. We give them respect in life and dignity in death. Without natural predation, harvesting animals for food is necessary to maintain the land’s natural resources and we insist on a humane field harvest. No slaughterhouses. No confinement. No hauling feed. Never, ever. Learn more here.

Nutritional Benefits:
Nutritional Information

The by-product of animals raised as nature intended on water, grass and sunshine and that are humanely field harvested, results in a sustainable, healthy meat that you can feel good about eating. And, like the soil itself, it is nutrient-rich. It’s good food. Food that protects our planet and nourishes our bodies.

A Few More Facts:

  • Most (about 97%) of our beef, pork and poultry are raised in Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs).
  • 75% of the grass-fed beef sold in this country comes from other countries.
  • 92% of the bison raised for food is raised or finished in the cattle-feed-lot model.
  • 72% of our crops grown in the US are grown to feed those animals in confinement.
  • Only 1% of our plant-based foods are grown organically in the U.S.

Eating meat or whole plant-based foods that are not grown regeneratively and organically, make it impossible to improve our planet’s health and our human health. At Wild Idea, we believe in choosing proteins and other WHOLE plant-based foods that are raised/grown sustainably and organically, and that support a healthy planet and a healthy people. Learn more here

It’s Possible...
Possible Burger

We are super proud to introduce Wild Idea’s Possible Burger! 100% Wild Idea Premium Ground Buffalo meat, lightly seasoned with organic olive oil, organic black pepper and sea salt, then pre-portioned into 4-ounce patties. It's a clean, simple and delicious burger that you can enjoy with a clear conscience



  • Posted on by Jill

    Stacey – 100% Ground Buffalo!

  • Posted on by Stacey

    Just to clarify, the possible burger is 100% ground buffalo, not planning based. Correct?

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